COVID-19 Student Welfare

There have been many challenges over the last few weeks as the College community adapted to new ways of living and studying.

Homerton has always been a highly supportive environment for students with a commitment to being as open and proactive as we can. Coping with COVID is demanding but it can also open up new opportunities for learning, and for connecting with others. 

There are a range of supportive measures in place for our members, especially for those who are currently in self-isolation.  These include:

  • Frequent contact with Tutors and Directors of Studies, and access to the Student Health Advisor and College Counsellor.
  • Regular access to outdoor space through a carefully controlled rota system.
  • A series of prompts from Homerton Changemakers entitled Coping with Covid. The series will help bolster inner life and mental wellbeing during the pandemic, providing tools, reflections and connections.
  • Peer support from the Homerton Union of Students, who are in constant contact with students, providing a welfare guide, isolation treat packs, online feedback forms and are organising a number of virtual events.
  • A weekly student bulletin reinforcing all our key messages to keep the community safe and a summary of all the latest news and virtual events, include specific online activities for Households in isolation.
  • Online resources designed to give guidance and reassurance on Covid-19 and advice on when members should self-isolate, as well as specific information on resources for mental health and wellbeing in self-isolation.
  • Assistance from the Library Team for students wishing to order books, whether by email or via the online Libchat function.

We have, in addition, selected a number of online resources which may be particularly useful for those members currently affected by Covid-19:

The University has also assembled a helpful set of resources on wellbeing and Covid-19

Finally, if you have any questions regarding COVID-19 or need further support, there are a number of people in College who will be able to help: