Annabel Murphy




Herchel Smith post-doctoral fellow

Year joined Homerton College:


Research Interests:

I am interested in the biosynthesis of natural products and how it can be harnessed to provide alternative routes to compounds that are difficult to obtain synthetically.

Teaching & Professional Interests:

I am currently involved in the supervision of a part 3 course on biosynthesis. I have previously been involved in tutoring and lecturing various areas of chemistry, demonstrating chemical lab skills and supervising undergraduate lab projects.  

External Interests:

Travel, languages, growing vegetables and environmentalism.


PhD thesis title: ‘Structure Elucidation and Synthesis of Natural Products’

  • Annabel C. Murphy (2011) Metabolite Engineering is Key to a Sustainable Chemical Industry, Natural Product Reports, 2011, 28, 1406-1425
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  • Chuanjun Song, Satita Tapaneeyakorn, Annabel C. Murphy, Craig Butts, Anthony Watts, Christine L. Willis (2009) Enantioselective syntheses of α-Fmoc-Pbf-[2-13C]-l-arginine and Fmoc-[1,3-13C2]-l-proline and incorporation into the neurotensin receptor 1 ligand, NT8−13, Journal of Organic Chemistry 74 (23), 8980-8987
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Contact Annabel Murphy

Telephone: (+44)1223 333657