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Claudio Battilocchio

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Research Associate
Department of Chemistry
Year Joined Homerton: 
Research Interests: 

Technology-enabled chemistry; Sustainable chemistry; Bridging industry and academia; Synthesis of functional materials; New strategies for molecular construction

Current Research Projects:

  • Sustainable chemistry using enabling technologies
  • Exploitation of reactive intermediates using flow chemistry
  • Development of new enabling tools.
  • PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Rome, La Sapienza)


  • Doctor Europeaus Award 2013 (outstanding PhD thesis); Best PhD Thesis Award 2015



Forthcoming Publications

  • Briggs M.E., Slater A.G., Lunt N., Jiang S., Little M.A., Greenaway R.L., Hasell T., Battilocchio C., Ley S.V., Cooper A.I. Chem. Comm., DOI: 10.1039/C5CC07447A.
  • Battilocchio C., Feist F., Hafner A.,  Simon M., Tran D.N., Allwood D.M., Blakemore D.C., Ley S.V., Nature Chemistry,  DOI: 10.1038/nchem.2439.


  • Ley S.V., Fitzpatrick D.E., Myers R.M., Battilocchio C., Ingham R.J. Machine Assisted Organic Synthesis, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2015, 54(35), 10122–10136.
  • Poh J.S., Tran D.N., Battilocchio C., Hawkins J.M., Ley S.V., A versatile room temperature route to di- and tri-substituted allenes via flow generated diazo compounds Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2015, 127(27), 8031–8034.
  • Lau S.H., Galvan A., Merchant R.R., Battilocchio C., Souto J.A., Berry M.B., Ley S.V. Machines vs Malaria: A Flow-Based Preparation of the Drug Candidate OZ439 Org. Lett. 2015, 17(13), 3218–3221.
  • Rouquet G., Moore D.E., Spain M., Allwood D.M., Battilocchio C., Blakemore D.C., Fish P.V., Jenkinson S., Jessiman A.S., Ley S.V., McMurray G., Storer I.R. The design, synthesis and evaluation of tetra-substituted pyridines as potent 5-HT2C receptor agonists ACS MedChemLett, 2015, 6 (3), 329–333.
  • Roda N.M., Tran D.N., Battilocchio C., Labes R., Ingham R.J., Hawkins J.M., Ley S.V. Cyclopropanation using flow-generated diazo compounds Org. Biomol. Chem. 2015, 13, 2550-2554.
  • Tran D.N., Battilocchio C., Lou S.-B., Hawkins J.M., Ley S.V. Flow chemistry as a discovery tool to access sp2–sp3 cross-coupling reactions via diazo compounds, Chem.Sci. 2015, 6, 1120-1125.
  • Ingham R.J., Battilocchio C., Fitzpatrick D.E., Sliwinski E., Hawkins J.M., Ley S.V. A Systems Approach towards an Intelligent and Self-Controlling Platform for Integrated Continuous Reaction Sequences Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54(1), 144-148.
  • Glöckner S., Tran D.N., Ingham R.J., Fenner S., Wilson Z.E., Battilocchio C., Ley S.V. The rapid synthesis of oxazolines and their heterogeneous oxidation to oxazoles under flow conditions Org. Biomol. Chem. 2015, 13, 207-214.
  • Ouchi T., Battilocchio C., Hawkins J.M., Ley S.V. Process Intensification for the Continuous Flow Hydrogenation of Ethyl Nicotinate Org. Process Res. Dev. 2014, 18 (11), 1560–1566.
  • Ingham R.J., Battilocchio C., Hawkins J.M., Ley S.V. Integration of enabling methods for the automated flow preparation of piperazine-2-carboxamide Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2014, 10, 641–652.
  • Battilocchio C., Bhawal B .N., Chorghade R., Deadman B.J., Hawkins J., Ley S.V., Flow Based Cerium Oxide Enhanced Low Level Palladium Sonogashira and Heck Coupling Reactions by Perovskite Catalysts, Israel J. Chem. 2014, 54, 371-380.
  • Battilocchio C., Hawkins J., Ley S.V., Mild and selective heterogeneous catalytic hydration of nitriles to amides by flowing through manganese dioxide Org. Lett. 2014, 16(4), 1060–1063.
  • Biava M., Battilocchio C., Poce G., Alfonso S., Consalvi S., Di Capua A., Calderone V., Martelli A., Testai L., Sautebin L., Rossi A., Ghelardini C., Di Cesare Mannelli L., Giordani A., Persiani S., Colovic M., Dovizio M., Patrignani P., Anzini M. Enhancing the Pharmacodynamic Profile of a Class of Selective COX-2 Inhibiting Nitric Oxide Donors. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2014, 22(2), 772-786.
  • Chorghade R., Battilocchio C., Hawkins J., Ley S.V., Sustainable Flow Oppenauer Oxidation of Secondary Benzylic Alcohols with Heterogeneous Zirconia Catalyst Org Lett.2013, 15, 5698-5701.
  • Battilocchio C., Hawkins J., Ley S.V., A Mild and Efficient Flow Procedure for the Transfer Hydrogenation of Ketones and Aldehydes using Hydrous Zirconia, Org. Lett. 2013, 15, 2278–2281.
  • Battilocchio C., Guetzoyan L., Cervetto C., Di Cesare Mannelli L., Frattaroli D., Baxendale I.R., Maura G., Rossi A., Sautebin L., Biava M., Ghelardini C., Marcoli M., Ley S.V., Flow Synthesis and Biological Studies of an Analgesic Adamantane Derivative That Inhibits P2X7-Evoked Glutamate Release, ACS Med. Chem. Lett., 2013, 4 (8), 704–709.
  • Deadman B. J., Battilocchio C., Sliwinski E., Ley S.V., A prototype device for evaporation in batch and flow chemical processes, Green Chem.  2013, 15, 2050-2055.
  • Battilocchio C., Deadman B.J., Nikbin N., Baxendale I.R., Ley S.V. A Machine-Assisted Flow Synthesis of SR48692: a Probe for the Investigation of Neurotensin Receptor-1, Chem. Eur. J.,  2013, 19(24), 7917–7930.
  • Battilocchio C., Poce G., Alfonso S., Porretta G. C., Consalvi S., Sautebin L., Pace S., Rossi A., Ghelardini C., Di Cesare Mannelli L., Schenone S., Giordani A., Di Francesco L., Patrignani P., M. Biava M. A class of pyrrole derivatives endowed with analgesic/anti-inflammatory activity, Bioorg. Med. Chem., 2013, 21(13), 3695–3701.
  • Battilocchio C., Baxendale I. R., Biava M., Kitching M. O., Ley S.V. A Flow Based Synthesis of 2-Aminoadamantane-2-carboxylic Acid, Org. Process Res. Dev. 2012, 16(5), 798–810.
  • Battilocchio C., Baumann M., Baxendale I. R., Biava M., Kitching M. O., Ley S.V., Martin R. E., Ohnmacht S.A., Tappin N.D.C. Scale-up of Flow Assisted Synthesis of C2-symmetric Chiral PyBox-Ligands, Synthesis 2012, 44, 635-647.
  • Biava M., Battilocchio C., Poce G., Alfonso S., Porretta G. C., Calderone V., Ghelardini C., Sautebin L., Giordani A., Patrignani P., Anzini M. Improving the Solubility of a Class of Pharmacodynamic Hybrids that Inhibits Cycloxygenase-2, Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2012, 58, 287-298.
  • La Rosa  V., Poce G., Ortiz Canseco J., Buroni S., Pasca M. R., Biava M., Raju R. M., Porretta G. C., Alfonso S., Battilocchio C., Javid B., Sorrentino F., Ioerger T. R., Sacchettini J. C., Manetti F.,  Botta M., De Logu A., Rubin E. J. MmpL3 is the cellular target of the antitubercular pyrrole derivative BM212, Antimicrob. Agents Chemother., 2012, 56(1), 324-331.
  • Biava M.,  Porretta G. C., Poce G., Battilocchio C., Alfonso S., Rovini M., Valenti S., Giorgi G., Calderone, V., Martelli A., Testai L., Sautebin L., Rossi A., Papa G., Ghelardini C., Di Cesare Mannelli L., Giordani A., Anzellotti P., Bruno A., Patrignani P., Anzini, M. Novel Analgesic/Anti-inflammatory Agents: Diarylpyrrole Acetic Esters Endowed with Nitric Oxide Releasing Properties,  J. Med. Chem., 2011, 54(22):7759-71.
  • Biava M.,  Porretta G. C., Poce G., Battilocchio C., Botta M., Manetti F., Rovini M., Cappelli A., Sautebin L., Rossi  A., Pergola C., Ghelardini C., Galeotti N., Makovec F., Giordani A., Anzellotti P., Tacconelli S., Patrignani P., Anzini M. Enlarging the NSAIDs Family: Ether, Ester and Acid Derivatives of the 1,5-Diarylpyrrole Scaffold as Novel Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Agents, Curr. Med. Chem., 2011, 18(10), 1540-1554.
  • Biava, M.; Porretta, G.C.; Poce, G.; Battilocchio, C.; Alfonso, S.; de Logu, A.; Manetti, F.; Botta, M. Developing Pyrrole-Derived Antimycobacterial Agents: a Rational Lead Optimization Approach, Chem. Med. Chem, 2011, 6(4), 593-599.
  • Biava, M.; Porretta, G.C.; Poce, G.; Battilocchio, C.; Manetti, F.; Botta, M.; Sautebin, L.; Rossi, A.; Pergola, C.; Ghelardini, C.; Norcini, M.; Makovec, F.;  Anzellotti, P.; Cirilli, R.; Ferretti, R.; Patrignani, P.; Anzini, M. Novel Ester and Acid Derivatives of the 1,5-Diarylpyrrole Scaffold as Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Agents. Synthesis, in vitro and in vivo Biological Evaluation, J. Med. Chem. 2010, 53, 723-733.
  • Biava, M.; Porretta, G.C.; Poce, G.; Battilocchio, C.; Alfonso, S.; De Logu, A.; Serra, N.; ; Manetti, F.; Botta, M. Identification of a novel pyrrole derivative endowed with antimycobacterial activity and protection index comparable to that of the current antitubercular drugs streptomycin and rifampin, Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2010, 18, 8076–8084.


  • Battilocchio, C. Nitric Oxide Donors/COX-2 Inhibitors and Flow Synthesis of Meclinertant, Sapienza Universita Editrice, 2015







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