Frank Cornelissen

Research Associate
Faculty of Education
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(+44)1223 767516
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Dr. Frank Cornelissen is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Previously he worked in the Netherlands in the field of education as an elementary school teacher, consultant, lecturer, researcher and senior policy advisor of the Dutch Education Council.

Frank is working on research funded by the Marie Curie Research Fellowship Award of the European Union. He is continuing his study into the dynamics and knowledge processes of innovative types of school-university research networks in the U.S. and the U.K. In San Diego he is continuing his study in partnership with the local Charter Management Organization of the High Tech High. In Cambridge he is conducting a collaborative study in the context of the well established 'SUPER' network between the University of Cambridge and local partnership schools. Insights from his studies are intended to provide new directions for establishing successful research partnerships between schools and universities.

During his Fellowship he initiated the international partnership network Sharing and Using of Research Findings in Networks' (SURFIN) (   This network brings together research partnerships between universities and schools that investigate the way that research-based knowledge is shared and used in educational practice. The aim is to understand the way education can foster research with real impact in practice.

Research Interests: 

Social Networks; Knowledge developing, sharing and using, Educational Reform; School-University Partnerships; Teacher Research; Teacher Leadership.

Teaching And Professional Interests: 
  • Open Access to Research Journals for Teachers

Current Research Projects:

  • Research Networks for Educational Reform (Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowship)
  • PhD in Educational Science (2011). Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

  • MSc in Educational Science and Technology (cum laude/with honours) (2006). University of Twente, the Netherlands.

  • BEd in Education (2000). HZ University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.


  • 2007-National Master Thesis Award 2007

  • Dutch Association for Human Resource Development (NVO2), Driebergen, The Netherlands.

  • 2009-Universities of Applied Sciences Innovation Award 2009 – Third Place ‘Novalab: A research platform for school and university’, The Netherlands Association for Universities of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

  • 2013-Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowship Award, European Union, Brussels, Belgium.


  • AERA (American Educational Research Association)

  • § EARLI (European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction)

  • § INSA (International Network for Social Network Analysis)


Most recent and principal publications:

  • Cornelissen, F. (2015).  Getting your knowledge 'out there': Finding your ambassadors or how they find you.  In S. Caillier and H. Lattimer, Surviving and thriving with teacher action research: Reflections and advice from the field.  New York: Peter Lang.

  • Cornelissen, F., Daly, A.J., Liou Y., Swet J. van, Beijaard, D., & Bergen T.C.M. (2014).  More than a master: Developing, sharing and using knowledge in school university research networks.  Cambridge Journal of Education, 44(i), 35-57.

  • Cornelissen, F., & Van den Berg, E. (2014).  Charactertistics of the research supervision of postgraduate teachers' action research.  Educational Studies, 40(3), 237-252.

  • Moolenaar, N.M., Daly, A.J., Cornelissen F., Liou, Y., Caillier, S, Riordan, R., Wilson, K. & Cohen, A. (2014).  Linked to Innovation: Shaping an Innovative Climate through Network Intentionality and Educators' Social Network Position.  Journal of Educational Change, 15, 99-123.

  • Cornelissen, F., Daly, A.J., Liou, Y., Swet, J. van, Beijaard, D., & Bergen T.C.M. (2014). Leveraging the relationship: Knowledge processes in school-university research networks of master's programs.  Research Papers in Education, DOI:10. 1080/026721522.2014.919522.

  • Daly, A.J., Liou, Y., Tran, N., Cornelissen, F., Park, V. (2013).  The rise of the neurotics: Social networks, leadership and efficacy in district reform.  Educational Administration Quarterly, 50(2), 233-278.

  • Cornelissen. F., Swet, J. van., Beijaard, D. & Bergen, T. (2013). Exploring knowledge processes based on teacher research in a school-university research network of a master's program. Journal of Educational Change, 14, 139-176.

  • Cornelissen, F., Jong, T. de & Kessels, J. (2012).  Knitted patterns or contagious hotspots?  Linking views on knowledge and organizational networked learning.  The Learning Organization, 19(6), 469-481.

  • Cornelissen, F., Swet, J. van, Beijaard, D. & Bergen, T. (2011).  Aspects of school university research networks that play a role in developing, sharing and using knowledge based on teacher research.  Teaching and Teacher Education, 27(1), 147-156

  • Cornelissen, F. (2009).  Laat vernieuwing groeien! Actieonderzoek voor ontwikkeling van mens en organisatie [Let innovation grow! Action research for human and organisational development].  Driebergen: NV02.

  • Swet, J. van, Huijgevoort, H. van, Cornelissen, F., Kienhuis, J., Smeets, K. & Vloet, K. (2008). Bouwen aan een opleiding als platform: interactieve professionaliteit en interactieve kennisontwikkeling [Building a master's program as a platform: interactive professionalism and knowledge development]. Antwerp-Apeldoorn: Garant.

Forthcoming Publications:

  • Cornelissen, F. (Forthcoming). Geflipt leiderschap is zo gek nog niet. Informeel leiding nemen in collegial netwerken binnen en buiten de school [Flipped leadership seems smart. Informal leadership in collegial networks inside and outside the school]. In R.Kneyber, J.Evers, and T. Jansen (Eds.), Het Alternatief II: De ladder van autonomie [The Alternative II: The stairway of autonomy] .