Hayley J. Hooper

Associate Fellow and Pennington's Student (Fellow) in Law, Christ Church, Oxford
Faculty of Law, Oxford
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Hayley joined Homerton College in October 2014. Her previous doctoral research concerned the use of "closed" or "secret" evidence in the context of judicial review of counterterrorism powers, and its extension to civil procedure more broadly. She has a wide general interest in national security and counterterrorism, administrative law, constitutional law, and political theory as it relates to those areas. 

Hayley previously worked on the AHRC project "Parliaments and Human Rights" with Murray Hunt (Legal Advisor, Joint Committee on Human Rights) and continues to maintain an interest in the place of parliament in the constitution, and questions surrounding the legitimacy of judicial review.

Hayley previously studied at the University of Glasgow, University of Lund, and Balliol College, University of Oxford.




  • Parliaments and Human Rights: Redressing the Democratic Deficit (Ed) (Hart) (with Murray R. Hunt & Paul W. Yowell)


  • "Shining Light on the Darkness?" [2013] Public Law (April) 213

Book Chapters

  • "The Use of Parliamentary Materials in Proportionality Judgments" in Parliaments and Human Rights: Redressing the Democratic Deficit (Hart), forthcoming 2015

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Case  Commentary

  • "The Curious Tale of the Black Spider Memos: R (On the Application of Evans) v Her Majesty’s Attorney General and the Information Commissioner [2014] 2 WLR 1334" (2015) Edinburgh Law Review, forthcoming
  • "An Unsteady Middle Ground: Joined Cases C 584/10 P, C 593/10 P and C 595/10 P Commission and United Kingdom v Yassin Abdullah Kadi (No. 2) [2013] ECR 00000" [2014] 20(3) European Public Law 409
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Online Writings

  • "Report on the UK-China Public Law Conference 2013: The Rule of Law in Modern Constitutionalism" (UK Constitutional Law Association, Sep 2013)
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