Judith Fonville

Associate Fellow and Biomedical Informatician, PAMM laboratories (The Netherlands)
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Dr Judy Fonville has a research background in multivariate data analysis and modelling of (bio)medical data. Upon completion of her PhD at Imperial College London in the department of Surgery and Cancer, she performed research at the Centre for Pathogen Evolution, University of Cambridge. As a Junior Research Fellow at Homerton College she studied the antibody response to influenza vaccination and infection, and modelled the risk posed by avian H5N1 influenza viruses. She is currently working as a data scientist at PAMM laboratories in The Netherlands, analysing data generated in medical microbiology and pathology diagnostics. These data are used in, for example, infection prevention and antibiotic therapy policy. She is also involved in the application of novel molecular techniques (such as next generation sequencing and bioinformatics), and developments in digital pathology. 


Development and application of chemometric methods for modelling metabolic spectral profiles, Imperial college London


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