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Louis Kovalevsky

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Bye-Fellow. Embedded researcher in the Dynamic and Vibration group.
Year Joined Homerton: 
Research Interests: 

Louis has interests in the field of Computational Engineering in mid and high frequency vibration and electromagnetism. He is working on the development of statistical method to solve vibration or electromagnetism problem at a reduced computational cost. The case of interest is a system lying within a reverberant cavity that has random or uncertain properties. If a conventional numerical approach is employed for this problem then very significant computational effort is required since the governing equations need to be solved for both the cavity and the system. The key aspect of the proposed approach is to avoid solving the governing equations inside the cavity by employing a relation known as the diffuse field reciprocity principle, which leads directly to the ensemble mean response of the system and its variance.


Louis teaches both in Undergraduate levels. The former teaching activities take place in the College through supervisions in Mechanics and Vibration in Part IA.

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