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Paolo di Giuseppantonio di Franco

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Research Associate
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Contact number: 
01223 339353
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Year Joined Homerton: 
Research Interests: 

Archaeology, digital heritage, museum studies, education, perception, cognition, 3D reconstructions.

Current Research Projects:

I am a Marie Curie Post-doctoral Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge. 
My current research project, DIGIFACT, investigates the potential of 3D technologies for artifacts exhibition inside museums. To this purpose, I am exploring how museum users perceive artifacts through different media: visual examination, physical interaction, and three-dimensional virtual and material replica interaction. 
This work is in collaboration with the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge and will contribute to the re-development of the MAA World Archaeology gallery. 
Other research interests include Medieval Archaeology in Italy and France, with a research lens on population dynamics in peripheral centres, rock cave settlements, encastellation, and the role of rural churches in sustaining rural communities during Middle Ages.

Teaching And Professional Interests: 

Currently involved in teaching Management of the Archaeological Heritage (Paper G31) and mentoring students for the MPhil of Archaeological Heritage and Museums.


Talking about Things: a Cognitive Approach to Digital Heritage and Material Culture Studies in Archaeology. As part of my dissertation research on Digital Heritage I investigated how knowledge production and acquisition in archaeology work through different media: visual examination, physical interaction, and three-dimensional virtual and material replica interaction.  I was particularly interested in the potential of virtual copies of artifacts for knowledge production and acquisition in archaeology. This work benefitted from interdisciplinary collaboration with the Cognitive Science and Information program at the University of California Merced, and contributed to my ongoing research on material culture and the use of virtual reproduction in research, education, and communication in archaeology.


Edited Books

  • 2013, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. & M. Valesi (eds). 2013. From Monadism to Nomadism: A Hybrid Approach to Cultural productions. Proceedings of the First CRHA Graduate Students Conference (Merced, April 12-13, 2013). Copyright @ 2010 the Berkeley Electronic Press. hgradstud.

Chapters and Articles

  • In press, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P., Camporesi, C., Galeazzi, F., and M. Kallman. 3D Printing and Immersive Visualization for Improved Perception of Ancient Artifacts. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments. MIT press. To appear in the summer issue 2015 (December 2015).
  • 2015, Galeazzi, F., Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P., and J. Matthews. Comparing 2D pictures with 3D Replicas for the digital preservation and analysis of tangible heritage. Museum Management and Curatorship.
  •            Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P., Matlock, T., and Matthews, J. Framing the Past: How Virtual Experience Affects Bodily Description of Artefacts. Journal of Cultural Heritage.
  • 2014, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. “Handle” with Care: The Practice of Exhibiting Religious Objects inside Museums. Review of Religious Objects in Museums: Private Lives and Public Duties. By Crispin Paine. London: Bloomsbury, 2013. Current Anthropology Journal, 55(6), pp. 1-2.
  • 2013, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. & F. Galeazzi. 2013. Western Han Dynasty Mural Tombs: from the use of integrated technologies to the cybermap, in CAA 2010 (XXXVIII Annual Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Granada, Spain, 6-9 April, 2010).
  • 2012, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. Galeazzi, F. & C. Camporesi. 2012. 3D Virtual Dig. A 3D Application for Teaching Fieldwork in Archaeology. Internet Archaeology.
  • Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. Insediamenti e territorio. Valle Nepesina. 2012. Insediamenti rupestri di età medievale: l'organizzazione dello spazio nella mappatura dell'abitato. Italia centrale e meridionale. II Convegno Nazionale di Studi sugli Abitati Rupestri (Castello Orsini Vasanello (VT), (24 – 25 ottobre 2009). 241-250.
  • 2010, Galeazzi, F, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. & N. Dell’Unto. 2010. 3D Cybermaps of Western Han Mural Tombs, in Forte, M. (ed). Cyber-Archaeology. BAR–S 2177. 97-108.
  •            Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. Grasping the Materiality of the Past: Digital Archaeology in Lower-Division Courses. 2010. Creating Academic Community for First-Generation College Students. A Graduate Students Instructor Guidebook. The Berkeley Electronic Press.
  • Forte, M., Dell’Unto, N. Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. Galeazzi, F. Liuzza , C. & S. Pescarin. 2010. The Virtual Museum of the Western Han Dynasty: 3D Documentation and Interpretation, in Campana , S.  Forte, M. and C. Liuzza (eds), Space, Time, Place. Third International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology, 17th-21st August 2009, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. BAR S 2118. 195-199.
  • 2008, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. & S. Orazi. 2008. Insediamenti fortificati e abitati rupestri: il caso di Torre dell’Isola. De Minicis, E. (ed.), Insediamenti rupestri di età medievale: abitazioni e strutture produttive. Italia centrale e meridionale. 345-445.
  • Desiderio, V. Dal Miglio, P. Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. Fiordiponti, T. Giannini, N. Orazi, S. & R. Tozzi. 2008. Metodologie di approccio allo studio degli abitati rupestri medievali nel Lazio. Uomo e territorio: dinamiche di popolamento e sfruttamento delle risorse nell’antichità. National Congress of Young Archaeologists (Sassari, 27-30 September 2006). 492-500.
  • 2005, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. 2005. L’abitato rupestre di Torre dell’Isola, in Il Tesoro delle città strenna dell’Associazione Storia della Città, 2 (2005), Kappa. 702-22.
  • 2004, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. & S. Orazi. 2004. L’insediamento di Torre dell’Isola: l’abitato rupestre. Bollettino di Studi Vetrallesi, 13 (January-December 2004). 33-41.
  • 2003, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. Guerrini, P. & S. Orazi. 2003. Trasformazione dell’insediamento rurale nel territorio dell’Umbria: il caso delle villae. Alcune considerazioni. Ermini Pani, L. I Longobardi dei ducati di Spoleto e Benevento. pp. 1377-1419.

Scientific Reports

  • 2011, Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. History Program Assessment at UC Merced. Indirect Evidence of Student Learning. Spring 2011.
  • 2010, Forte, M., Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P. & J. Issavi. 2010. Space 344 and Building 86. Çatalhöyük 2010 Archive Report.

Forthcoming Publications:

  • Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P., Galeazzi, F., and Vassallo, V. (eds). Re-defining Authenticity in the Age of 3D digital Reproductions: Through the Lens of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. (In preparation).


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