Robin Bunce

Research Associate

Robin Bunce is a Research Associate working on British politics and the history of ideas. He has published on Black Power as an ideology and a movement in the United Kingdom, as well as the work of Thomas Hobbes and Francis Bacon. He writes on politics and contemporary culture for the Huffington Post and the New Statesman. His is currently working on a biography of Diane Abbott MP with his writing partner Paul Field.



Thomas Hobbes: Major Conservative and Libertarian Thinkers, (Continuum, 2009).

Darcus Howe: a Political Biography, (Bloomsbury, 2014) Co-Authored with Paul Field.

Articles in Volumes:

  1. ‘John Locke (1632-1704)’, in Duncan Brack (ed.), Dictionary of Liberal Thought (Politico, 2007).
  2. ‘Consent and social contract’ and ‘Moral obligation’ in Sami-Juhani Savonius, Paul Schuurman and Jonathan Walmsley, (eds.), Locke and His Times (Continuum, 2010).
  3. ‘The Evil of the Daleks’ in Court Lewis and Paul Smithka (eds.) Doctor Who and Philosophy (Open Court, 2011).
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  5. ‘"Race Today cannot fail," Darcus Howe and the Race Today Collective in the long 1980s’ in Jonathan Davis and Rohan McWilliam eds., Labour in the 1980s, (Manchester, 2017)
  6. ‘Doppelgängers, doubles and tulpas: Twin Peaks and the lost of self’, in Richard Greene & Rachel Robison-Greene eds., Twin Peaks and Philosophy, (Open Court, forthcoming 2018)

Refereed Journal Articles:

  1. ‘Thomas Hobbes’ relationship with Frances Bacon - an introduction’, Hobbes Studies XVI 2003.
  2. ‘Hobbes’ forgotten natural histories’, Hobbes Studies XIX 2006.
  3. ‘Obi B. Egbuna, CLR James and the Birth of Black Power in Britain: Black Radicalism in Britain 1967-1972’, Twentieth Century British History XXII, 3 2011, co-authored with Paul Field.


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