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Stuart Wallace

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College Lecturer and Fellow at Homerton College
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Dr. Stuart Wallace studied law in Ireland before attending the University of Nottingham, where he graduated with a PhD in 2015. Prior to his appointment as a Lecturer in Law at Homerton College he taught European Union Law and European Convention on Human Rights Law at the University of Nottingham for a number of years. He worked as a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham and held positions at the European Court of Human Rights, European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law and International Criminal Court.

His research interests lie in International Human Rights Law and European Union Law. The primary focus of his research has been on the relationship between international humanitarian law and international human rights law. His doctoral dissertation examined the application of the European Convention on Human Rights to military operations. He has also carried out significant research into how human rights law is incorporated into European Union law and policy. He has authored a number of articles on different areas of human rights law, including human rights in criminal justice, business and human rights and the procedural law of the European Court of Human Rights.

Research Interests: 
  • International Human Rights Law
  • European Union Law
  • International Humanitarian Law
Teaching And Professional Interests: 

Prospective PhD Applications:

The Law Faculty welcomes applications to undertake doctoral research across all fields of legal scholarship including those within my own field of research: the law of armed conflict, issues of state jurisdiction in international law, the incorporation of human rights into EU law and policy and European Convention on Human Rights law. For further details of the Faculty’s application process, please see:

Course Involvements:

  • EU Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • LLB in Law and European Studies (University of Limerick).
  • LLM in International Human Rights Law (National University of Ireland, Galway).
  • PhD (University of Nottingham).


  • Member, Society of Legal Scholars


  • Wallace, “Private Security Companies and Human Rights: Are Non-Judicial Remedies Effective?” (forthcoming in Boston University International Law Journal 2016)
  • Mallory and Wallace, “The ‘Deterrent Argument’ and the Responsibility to Protect” (2015) 19(8) International Journal of Human Rights 1213-1226.
  • Wallace, “Much Ado About Nothing: The Pilot Judgment Procedure at the European Court of Human Rights” (2011) 16 European Human Rights Law Review 71-81.
  • Wallace, “Tackling Jarndyce and Jarndyce: McFarlane v Ireland, Delay and the European Court of Human Rights – Part 1” (2011) 21(2) Irish Criminal Law Journal 30-36.
  • Wallace, “Tackling Jarndyce and Jarndyce: McFarlane v Ireland, Delay and the European Court of Human Rights – Part 2” (2011) 21(3) Irish Criminal Law Journal 54-59.
  • Wallace, “The Empire Strikes Back: Hearsay Rules in Common Law Legal Systems and the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights” (2010) 15 European Human Rights Law Review 408-418.
  • Wallace, “The Journalist-Source Relationship in Context: A Comparative Review of U.S. and English Law” (2009) 38 Common Law World Review 268-294.


  • Benedek, Footer, Kenner, Nolan, Nindler and Wallace, “Report on enhancing the contribution of EU institutions and Member States, NGOs, IFIs and Human Rights Defenders, to more effective engagement with, and monitoring of, the activities of Non-State Actors” (2015) FRAME D7.2.
  • Wallace, “Case study on holding non-state actors accountable for human rights violations” (2016) FRAME D7.5.
  • Wallace et al., “Report on strengthening engagement with non-state actors” (2016) FRAME D7.3 (forthcoming).
  • Wallace et al., “Case study on the role of human rights in the EU-US bilateral relationship” (2016) FRAME D6.5 (forthcoming).
  • Wallace et al., “Report on EU engagement with other European regional organizations” (2016) FRAME D5.2 (forthcoming).
  • Wallace et al., “Policy-makers’ Experiences with Coherence in a EU Human Rights Context” (2016) FRAME D8.3 (forthcoming).

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