Tom Leppard

Renfrew Fellow
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
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Tom is an archaeologist interested in the transition from non-hierarchical human communities, the pathways along which this transition was achieved, and variability in forms of Holocene social organization.  More specifically, his research addresses the (somewhat counter-intuitive) emergence of social complexity in environments which might be expected to discourage such emergence, particularly on islands in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Pacific.  He is especially interested in how small-scale and short-term adaptive strategies can drive unintended social and ecological change at much larger scales.  Tom currently co-directs fieldwork which informs this research in Sardinia and in Micronesia.

Research Interests: 

Complex societies; archaeology of islands; dynamics/ecological consequences of hominin dispersal; biogeography; spatial analysis; palaeodemography; archaeological theory.


Ph.D.2013 (Brown); M.A. 2007 (Sheffield); M.A. Hons 2006 (St Andrews)


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