Tyler L. Kelly

Research Associate
Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Year Joined Homerton: 

I am an EPSRC Research Fellow and an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in mathematics. I study mirror symmetry, a field that studies the mathematical implications of dualities coming from string theory. In particular, I prove theorems that link various disciplines of mathematics such as algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry, number theory, and combinatorics by finding what connections are predicted by string theory.

Research Interests: 

Current Research Projects:

  • Bridging Frameworks via Mirror Symmetry - EPSRC-funded research fellowship (EP/N004922/1)
  • Exotic Mirror Symmetry Constructions - NSF-funded research fellowship (DMS-1401446)
Teaching And Professional Interests: 


  • Topics in Algebraic Geometry (Lent 2016)
  • Advisor for Part III Essay on Batyrev-Borisov Mirror Symmetry

Professional Interests:

  • Reviewer for MathReviews
  • PhD from University of Pennsylvania (2014), BS, AB, MA from University of Georgia (2009)


  • Engineering and Physical Science Research Council Mathematics Fellow (2015)
  • National Science Foundation Mathematical Science Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2014)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2009-2014)
  • Herb Wilf Memorial Prize (2013-2014)
  • University of Pennsylvania’s Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Graduate Student (2012)
  • The Alan Jaworski Award for top graduating male physical science student in Honors College at the University of Georgia (2009)
  • Charles M. Strahan Award for top junior in mathematics at the University of Georgia (2008)


  • London Mathematical Society

On Berglund-Hübsch-Krawitz Mirror Symmetry

  • T. L. Kelly, Picard Ranks of K3 Surfaces of BHK Type, Fields Institute Monographs, vol. 34}$ (2015), 45-63
  • T. L. Kelly, Berglund-Hübsch-Krawitz Mirrors via Shioda Maps, Advances in Theoretical and  Mathematical Physics, vol. 17  no. 6 (2013), 1425-1449.
  • G. Bini, B. van Geemen, T. L. Kelly, Mirror Quintics, Discrete Symmetries, and Shioda Maps, Journal of Algebraic Geometry, vol 21 (2012), 401-412.
  • UGA VIGRE Algebra Group, On Kostant's theorem for Lie algebra cohomology, Contemporary Mathematics, 478 (2008), 39-60.