Yan Yan Shery Huang

Yan Yan Shery
Fellow in Engineering
Department of Engineering
Contact number: 
(+44)1223 337007
Year Joined Homerton: 
Research Interests: 
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Biomimetic Niche Model
  • Biofabrication
  • Bioelectronics
  • Phenotyping.
Teaching And Professional Interests: 
  • Part IA, Part IB Physics & Materials
  • Part II Thermal Statistical Physics
  • Part II Soft Matter
  • PhD Physics
  • Nanotubes Complexed with DNA and Proteins for Resistive-pulse Sensing ACS Nano Accepted Jingjie Sha, Tawfique Hasan, Silvia Milana, Cristina Bertulli, Nicholas A. W. Bell, Giulia Privitera, Zhonghua Ni, Yunfei Chen, Francesco Bonaccorso, Andrea C. Ferrari, Ulrich Keyser, Yan Yan S. Huang*
  • Spectroscopic characterization of protein-wrapped single-wall carbon nanotubes and quantification of their cellular uptake in multiple cell generations. Nanotechnology 24 (26), 265102 (2013). C Bertulli, HJ Beeson, T Hasan, YYS Huang* Link
  • Y Y S Huang*, E M Terentjev, T Oppenheim, S P Lacour and M EWelland Fabrication and electromechanical characterization of near-field electrospun composite fibers Nanotechnology (2012) Link Featured in Nanotechweb: Link
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  • Y. Ji, Y.Y. Huang*, E.M. Terentjev Dissolving and aligning carbon nanotubes in thermotropic liquid crystals Langmuir (2011)Link
  • C. J. Kerr, Y. Y. Huang* and E.M. Terentjev Effect of Filament Aspect Ratio on the Dielectric Response of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube-Polymer
    J. Appl. Phys (2011) 109, 094109Link
  • Y.Y. Huang*, E.M. Terentjev Transparent Electrodes with a Nanostructured Coating ACS Nano (2011), 5, 2082 Link
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