Archaeology Summer School

In 2017 we hosted the Year 12 Archaeology Summer School, in collaboration with the Division of Archaeology. In 2018 the Summer School will be hosted at Trinity College, please check the department website for further details.

Students stay in Cambridge for four nights, and the summer school acts as an exciting opportunity to discover both the academic and practical basis of Archaeology as a University subject at Cambridge. It includes sample lectures and seminars, workshops, and excavation. Topics reflect the breadth of the Cambridge Archaeology degree, which also offers tracks in Egyptology, Assyriology, and Biological Anthropology. There is guidance on admissions and interviews, and chance for students to explore the city of Cambridge for themselves.

As a subject which uniquely spans the Arts and the Sciences, Archaeology is suitable for students with a broad range of A level subjects.  Participants are not required to be doing Archaeology A level, and the content of the summer school will presume no previous knowledge. 

Comments from the participants of the 2017 Homerton College Archaeology Summer School

'Thank you so much for organising this event! It's been a brilliant experience covering the wide variety of disciplines available in archaeology and the entire atmosphere has been friendly, welcoming and helpful'

'I have enjoyed experiencing the university and course more as a real student as opposed to someone on a normal open day. I am now more confident about wanting to apply for archaeology'

'The excavation was an amazing hands on experience that was a brilliant sample of what fieldwork is really like. Plus, the atmosphere was really friendly - and who doesn't like swinging a mattock?'

'It was amazing to actually handle artefacts and find out more about what happens inside a museum'

'It was my first experience with Egyptian and Akkadian, but I'm really considering doing Akkadian now'

'It was great to see and experience what a supervision would be like. It was also nice to talk about a subject in depth with a professional'

Comments from the participants of the 2016 St John's College Archaeology Summer School

'I enjoyed having the chance to learn more about archaeology and meet other people with similar passions and aspirations'

'For me, I enjoyed the entire summer school. I hadn't had much of a chance to explore many of the periods we did and it provided me with a new, broader perception of what interests me. The ancient languages that we explored were particularly fascinating'

'I loved the wide range of topics covered - expanding my knowledge. I also really enjoyed the fact that we took part in other activities that were non-academic as it gave me a feel of uni life'

'I enjoyed everything. I liked the dig as I had never done that before and it was an amazing experience. I liked the languages as well and all the activities and lectures offered. Everybody was really lovely and it was an amazing and memorable experience'

'I honestly enjoyed everything, the lectures were excellent and the atmosphere was superb'

'I liked learning about different topics within archaeology and talking to staff members about different careers they had and how they arrived at Cambridge in their career'