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The Tutorial Office is responsible for tutorial and admission enquiries, student accommodation and provides administrative support to students. The Tutorial Office is a direct link to the Senior Tutor, Graduate Tutors and Admissions Tutors.

Students are always welcome to drop in for information, advice and assistance in any area of College life, they can also contact us by telephone or email. If you are not sure who to contact please see below for an idea of who we are and how we can help.

Eleanor Jain

Tutorial Manager

Photo: Eleanor Jain
  • College Disability Liaison Officer
Tel number: 01223 747201

Nicola Albert

Undergraduate Administrator

Photo: Nicola Albert
  • All undergraduate admission enquiries
  • Undergraduate applications and interviews 
  • College Open Days
Tel number: 01223 747252

Kelly Collinwood

Graduate Administrator

Photo: Kelly Collinwood
  • All Graduate enquiries
  • Graduate College applications
  • Graduate Research, Charter Scholarship and Hardship Grants
Tel number: 01223 747158

Andy Drain

Tutorial Administrator Assistant

Photo: Andy Drain
  • Grants and Travel awards
  • Praelectors Secretary
Tel number: 01223 747189

Anna Maria Ercolani-Brown

Accommodation Officer

Photo: Anna Maria Ercolani-Brown

Anna Maria works part-time (9.30am to 2.30pm)

  • Undergraduate accommodation
  • Extra nights
  • Internal and external guests night
  • Students guest nights
Tel number: 01223 747123

Fergus Powell

Schools Liaison Officer

 No image

Louise Roberts

PGCE/MEd Administrator

Photo: Louise Roberts
  • All enquiries for PGCE/MEd applicants and students
  • Secretary to the Dean

Louise is only available Mon-Thurs 8:30am - 3:15pm

Tel number: 01223 747144

Glesny Sheppard

Tutorial Officer

Photo: Glesny Sheppard
  • CamCORs
  • Academic Skills Programme
  • Exams under Special Conditions
Tel number: 01223 747117

Natasha Thomas

PA to the Senior Tutor

Photo: Natasha Thomas
  • Senior Tutor’s Diary
  • Subject Group Dinners
  • Tutor/DoS entertainment
  • Prizes


Tel number: 01223 747231

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