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Alumni Benefits

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As soon as you graduate you automatically join the ranks of alumni of Homerton College and of the University of Cambridge.  The College and University provide many benefits to former students.

Benefits provided by Homerton College


As a Homertonian, you will receive a copy of the annual Homertonian magazine, the Annual Review and regular e-newsletters.


Alumni are welcome to dine in Hall at Homerton at their own expense; no prior notice is necessary.

Alumni are also entitled to dine at Formal Halls at Homerton where space permits. If you would like to dine, please contact the Development Office ( or 01223 747066); the Formal Halls price for alumni is currently £18.50, with non-alumni guests costing £22.50.  Formal Halls are on Tuesdays; if you wish to attend, please let us know by the preceding Wednesday. 

On occasions, alumni will be invited to dine at High Table; these occasions will normally be advertised in advance.    

Staying at Homerton

Alumni of Homerton College are able to book accommodation at the College at a special alumni rate.  In order to book a room through the online booking system, please first email in order to obtain a booking code, which will enable to you book rooms at the discounted alumni rate.

Outside of term time, rooms are usually available for alumni.  During term, we cannot guarantee a room will be available, as the needs of current students must take priority.  However, if you enquire 10 days to a week in advance regarding rooms during term time, we should be able to advise you on availability.  Unfortunately, during term time, we cannot accept bookings further in advance.

Visiting the grounds

Alumni are always welcome to visit the grounds of Homerton College. If you would like to have a picnic in the grounds or to take engagement photographs, please contact the Development Office in advance so they can help you organise your visit. Please email three working days in advance of your visit.

College Library 

Alumni may use the College Library for reading purposes (we regret that at present it is not possible for alumni to borrow items).  If you wish to use the Library, please notify the Librarian in advance ( Without advance permission you may not be able to access the Library.

Benefits provided by the University of Cambridge

The University Alumni Relations Office can provide you with a CAMCard which grants privileges and discounts to alumni when visiting Cambridge.  The card provides membership to The University Centre and entitles you to discounts from Cambridge University Press, local hotels, restaurants and more.

The CAMCard also entitles you and up to three guests free entrance to all Colleges when they are open to the general public (but not during closed periods).  Please note that fewer guests are permitted at King's and St John's (two guests with the CAMCard holder) and Queens' (one guest only). 

If you don't currently have a CAMCard and you'd like one, you can request one online.

Alumni can also sign up for, the University's email for life service.

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