Around £110,000 raised during Telethon 2018

During April, 15 current students and our JCR President phoned alumni and donors like you, speaking with you about your experience at Homerton, what you’ve done since leaving the College, and to hear any career advice you'd care to pass on. We hope you enjoyed having a conversation with a student, and hearing about how Homerton continues to grow and flourish, and how you can support current and future students in their endeavours.

Thanks to your generosity, around £110,000 of new funding for students at Homerton was secured through our Telethon this year, helping to bridge the gap in much needed funding in our key areas:

Student support


  • academic support for current students, both undergraduate and graduate.  Examples include book grants, travel grants, research support, Year Abroad support, and the ‘academic skills’ programme.
  • hardship grants to help meet living expenses – i.e. to prevent any student dropping out of their course.

The student experience

Studenthood is a critical time for personal development: students use this time to explore and discover who they will become.

Your help is needed for:

  • Extra-curricular activity, including sports, music, and drama
  • Personal development and employability, for example vacation courses and the ‘life skills’ programme.

Greatest need

Many Homertonians donate out of affection, affinity, nostalgia, and a general desire to ‘give something back’.  This is a general, unrestricted contribution and the College will apply the funds to where they are most needed.


You can still make your gift!

If you’d like to join in and support students at Homerton, please visit:
If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact us by emailing or phoning 01223 747280.


Homerton College is a Registered Charity, 1137497

In 2015, Cambridge launched a fundraising campaign – including all 31 Colleges. The campaign is a collaborative enterprise to help Cambridge better serve society through our extraordinary people and our inspiring environment, and Homerton is excited to be a part of it. Every gift to Homerton contributes to the campaign, and we are very grateful for your support.

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