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Photo: Goeff Ward, Principal of Homerton College.As Principal of Cambridge University's newest and largest college, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to Homerton. Cambridge is one of the United Kingdom's oldest and greatest cities, with a worldleading university that was founded over eight hundred years ago. Homerton offers a safe and green environment in which to enjoy, while learning about, England's traditions, history and contemporary culture. The combination of a peaceful campus and a bustling city reminds me of the year I spent in Japan, a country with different but equivalent culture and traditions. I hope you will come and join our friendly and helpful community of scholars.

Professor Geoff Ward
Principal of Homerton College

Homerton College

Homerton College has been in Cambridge for over 100 years and yet is the newest College of the University, the largest and one of the most diverse. At Homerton, we blend long-established University traditions with a modern forward-thinking approach, with each new generation of students helping to build our academic community.

Our buildings are a mixture of old and new, with a fine Victorian building at the College's heart. Our study bedrooms have en suite bathrooms and all the technology necessary for a student working in the 21st century. We have beautiful gardens, sports fields and one of the most popular student cafes in Cambridge.

We want all of our students to enjoy the richness Cambridge has to offer, whether playing sport or spending an evening at the theatre, but at the centre of Cambridge life is study.

Life In Cambridge

Cambridge is a beautiful city, combining both the ancient and the modern. Our students are surrounded by the stunning architecture of Colleges that date back over 800 years, with a daily market in the centre of town and a range of traditional British pubs and cafes lining the streets. In their free time, our students enjoy punting on the River Cam, visiting one of the University museums and spending an evening watching Shakespeare in the College gardens.

Our students have an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of some of the most outstanding scholars in history, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking. This legacy continues to the present day with booming science, technology and business sectors in the city. Whether you are an artist, scientist or entrepreneur, Cambridge will challenge and inspire.

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