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Connecting to Homerton Hospitality Wifi Service.

The College provides a Wi-Fi service to conference guests and other visitors. The service is accessed by connecting to the Homerton Hospitality wireless network, opening your web browser and entering a username and password. Access to the service is available in all conference meeting rooms and the surrounding outdoor areas.

There are two types of access available: pre-paid (username begins ‘kx’) and Pay As You Go (username begins ‘payg’). If your conference has subscribed to the service a kx username and password will be available from your conference organizer. Alternatively, Pay As You Go vouchers are available for purchase from the Porters’ Lodge at a cost of £5 for a combined total of 5 hours worth of access with a maximum 5GB of data transfer.

Conference Bedroom Telephone Systems


The College provides an "In-House" telephony service called “FlexiFone” to all conference delegates. A telephone handset is provided in each bedroom for your use during your stay. Calls between bedrooms and the college can be made free of charge. In order to make an external call you will need to purchase a prepay phone card from the Porters Lodge. The cards are available in denominations of £5 and have a life of 90 days after you make your first call. Users do not pay monthly line rental or hire charges for equipment. The charges for outbound calls are very competitive and in many cases are cheaper than alternative suppliers.

The phone card system that we offer is very flexible and works in a similar way to the "Pay as you go" themes used by many mobile phone networks. The cards can be used from phones on the Homerton campus; in addition to, payphones, mobiles and regular phone lines off site. Calls can be made without the need to use cash, the value of each call being deducted from the card balance. Once your balance has been reduced to zero you can no longer make calls and will need to purchase another card.

Instructions on how to use the phone cards off site are printed on the reverse of the card. The current tariff is available online at  and rate sheets are available at the Porters Lodge.

Making An External Call

In order to make an external call from a bedroom. Predial "147" and then lift the receiver to obtain an outside line. When prompted enter the 10 digit pin number printed on the reverse of your phone card. You are told the balance remaining on your card. Next, dial the phone number that you wish to be connected to, including the full area code. If the call is to an international destination, remember to include the international prefix.  If you wish to follow on your call with a subsequent one, do not hang up, wait for the recipient to hang up. Then press “##” followed by the number you wish to connect to.

Making An Internal Call

In order to make a call between bedrooms within the accommodation blocks. Predial the 4 digit phone extension that represents the bedroom that you wish to call and then lift the receiver. Calls made between bedrooms are free of charge. For example, you would dial ....."2765", "2298" or “2131”.

To make a call between bedrooms and University extensions (including College extensions). Dial the access code 131 followed by the 5 digit phone extension that represents the member of staff that you wish to call and then pick up the handset in order for the connection to complete. College staff extensions begin with a 47. Calls made from bedrooms to the college staff extensions are free of charge. For example, you would dial ....."131 47123" or "131 47122"

Should you need to contact the College Porters Lodge, please dial 131 47111

Receiving An External Call

You will need to tell people that wish to contact you, the extension number for your room. This can be obtained from the label on your phone. Internal callers can just dial your extension number and will be connected to you. External callers will need to dial "08445 010 035" to be connected to the college auto attendant, then key in your extension number when prompted in order for the call to be transferred to your room.


Should you experience difficulties with your phone, please email or dial "131 47109" to be connected to the IT Department Helpdesk. Please let us know your room number and a description of the problem e.g. flashing lights, no power to phone, no cable.

You may find that some external callers have problems connecting to the Homerton number. This is often caused by the local telephone company who are providing the caller's connection. These providers may block access to 08445 numbers. Unfortunately we cannot do anything to resolve these issues as it is down to the callers telephone provider.

ABC, DE, South Court, West Houst, East House and Queens Wing: Your phone should be connected to the 'B' socket in your room. Connecting your phone to the 'A' socket will fail as this is specifically for computers.

Harrison House: Your phone should be connected to socket 'C'. If this does not work, then you can try connecting to socket 'B' although in most rooms this will not work. Connecting your phone to the 'A' socket will fail as this is specifically for computers.

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