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Image: Homerton College: University of Cambridge

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Homerton College Timeline

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London Origins

1768  Kings Head Society purchased a house in Homerton High Street, East London, then known as Homerton Academy

1823-4    Academy rebuilt and renamed ‘Homerton College’

1841   Model Training Schools established in Jewin Street, London

Teacher Training

1850  Homerton College reopened under William Unwin as Principal. Now a mixed college of men and women training as teachers

1852  Homerton becomes a voluntary college for the education and training of teachers, supported by the Congregational church, sending out teachers to c.453 Board schools across the country

Move to Cambridge

1895  The College moves to Cambridge and then women only accepted, following pressure from inspectors and the university

1900-1  Morley Memorial and New Street Schools completed as practice schools in Cambridge

1914  Gym, and craft and craft studios added

1941  Incendiary bombs fall on the Bursar’s wing. Rebuilt 1944

Post-war Homerton

1956  Queen’s Wing opened.

1964  Student numbers rise from c.200 to 375

1963  B.Ed. degree (University of London) introduced

1968  Student numbers rise to 540

1970  Drama Workshop built            

1976  Cambridge University Education Tripos B.Ed. degree

1978  Biology Laboratory

1990  New Dance Studio constructed

The Chartered College

1991  Katherine Bridget Pretty appointed Principal. Decision made to keep the College on the Homerton site

1996  Mary Allan Building opened

1998  New halls of residence, West and East House constructed

2001  Convergence with the University Faculty of Education

2001  First non-Education undergraduate and higher degree students accepted

2006  Harrison House completed with 60 graduate study bedrooms and 4 junior research fellow flats

2010  Royal Charter granted

2013  Professor Geoffrey Ward appointed Principal

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