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Every student in Homerton is assigned to a Director of Studies (DoS) and a Tutor. These are charged by the college with helping you academically and pastorally. Your DoS is responsible for organizing your academic programme and arranging supervisors to teach individual elements in your chosen subject. They are usually a fellow of the college, but in some smaller subjects they may be based elsewhere.

Your tutor is there as a helping hand, if you need it, in all kinds of pastoral matters. Tutors are usually chosen from different academic backgrounds from their tutees. They are there so you always feel you have got somebody you can approach whatever the problem.

Students will attend lectures at their subject Faculty in the University and they may be assigned to supervisors in other colleges. Many of the lecturers are also supervisors and may be famous people in their field. Some of the teaching is done therefore outside of the college in which you are resident, so you have the opportunity to mix freely with other students and staff in the same or similar fields. This results in a rich and exciting student experience with the rare opportunity to talk face to face and discuss your work with experts.

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