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Graduating at General Admission

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This page contains information for students looking to proceed at the Congregation for General Admission on 1st July 2017.  Only the following degrees are awarded at this ceremony:

  • Master of Law: LL.M
  • Master of Engineering: M.Eng
  • Master of Natural Science: M.Sci
  • Master of Mathematics: M.Math
  • Bachelor of Music: Mus.B
  • Bachelor of Arts: BA
  • Bachelor of Theology for the Ministry: B.Th

How to Apply

In order to proceed for their degree, graduands must meet the appropriate residence and examination requirements. They are also expected to have settled any outstanding debt on their College account before making arrangements to graduate.

Please read the General Admission pages on Nexus carefully before registering to graduate.  Most arrangements are made via your Self-Service page on CamSIS. From there, you can register to graduate and book your tickets for the Senate House.  Please be careful to ensure that your name appears on CamSIS as you wish it to on your degree certificate (contact the Tutorial Office if it is incorrect).  The deadline for registering to graduate and for booking Senate house tickets is 5th May 2017

On CamSIS you can register to graduate in one of the following ways:

  • In person
  • In your absence and your certificate will be posted to you a few weeks following the ceremony.

If you are unable to attend in July, but wish to graduate in person, you can defer your attendance to a later date. In order to register for a future Congregation, please email the Tutorial Office.

Please see Nexus for information about lunch arrangements (which can be booked via Upay from now until 7th June 2017).

Information for those going onto a fourth year

If you are intending to stay on for a fourth year, subject to exam results, or you have applied for Management Studies, we suggest that you apply to graduate at this stage but you MUST let the Tutorial Office know that you may continue. This is because whilst it is simple to withdraw people from graduation up to a few days before the ceremony, it is impossible to add them once the May deadline has passed.  Once your exam results are known and your place is confirmed, please email the Tutorial Office to request that you are withdrawn from this ceremony.  You must NOT graduate if you continue your studies!

Graduands Dinner

The day of graduation will be preceded by a formal dinner for Graduands on Friday 30th June 2017 (which is free for all Graduands).  Graduating students can now book for this dinner via UPAY.  Further information will be sent out by the Tutorial Office closer to the event.


Accommodation will be available in College on Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July for you and your guests.  The deadline for booking accommodation is Wednesday 3rd May 2017.  Further details can be found on NEXUS.

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