Dress Code

Dress Code for General Admission

Full details about the dress code.

The Univesity's academical dress consists of a gown and hood, made of a different material or in a different colour to denote either the wearer's existing Degree or the Degree they are about to receive.  It is the responsibility of the graduand to order and collect their own gown and hood as directed by their outfitter.    Details of outfitters can be found on the University website.

Please note, if you are ordering from Ede and Ravenscroft, gowns will be delivered to the College.  You must order no later than three weeks prior to the ceremony.  If you are ordering from another outfitter, it is your responsibility to collect your own gown and hood as directed by them.

It is essential that all graduands wear the correct academical dress when they are presented for a degree at Congregation.  Persons taking their first Cambridge degree wear the appropriate gown, (for undergraduates this will be an undergraduate gown that varies in colour and design from College to College), with the hood of the degree to be taken.  The hoods vary in colour to indicate the Degree as follows:

  • Master of Law: Black corded silk lined with light cherry silk
  • Master of Engineering: Black cloth lined wtih bronze silk
  • Master of Natural Science: Black corded silk lined with pink silk shot with light blue
  • Master of Mathematics: Black cloth lined with slate blue silk
  • Bachelor of Arts: Black cloth and white fur; the fur used is artificial
  • Bachelor of Music: Dark cherry satin and white fur; the fur used is artificial
  • Bachelor of Theology: Black cloth lined with black silk and white fur; the fur used is artificial

As graduation is a formal occasion, an appropriate standard of dress is expected.  The dress code is strictly enforced at the ceremony and if you do not observe it, you may not be permitted to graduate.  You are also strongly advised not to leave your booking for your hood and gown to the last minute as outfitters may not be able to guarantee stock. 

Mortar boards

These are optional as you cannot wear the mortar board in the Senate House.  Some may wish to get one for the photographs, but you are strongly advised to leave it with someone when you go to the Senate House.

National Dress/Military Uniform

National dress and uniform regulations are very strict.  Please seek advice via the Tutorial Office in the first instance.  However, the decision ultimately rests with the Praelector and you must give plenty of notice if you wish to seek permission.


There is no dress code for guests, although formal dress is preferred.  Cambridge graduates should wear the appropriate gown.