Graduation FAQs

How will you contact me about my congregation?

The Tutorial Office will email you when you are eligible to ‘attend’ a graduation. Please ensure your preferred email address is up-to-date on CamSIS. Alumni who become eligible for the Cambridge MA will be emailed by the Alumni Office (contact to update your details).

I am an M.Phil student, when can I graduate?

The Registry or your degree committee informs graduate students (M.Phil, PhD, MsSt and Ed.D) when they have been approved for their degrees.  They will ask you to contact the College to make the necessary arrangements to have your degree conferred at the next congregation.

What are the precise timings for the day?

Senate House can only let Colleges know a week before the ceremony the precise times they are expecting each College to go through.  Once we are given these we will look at our draft Programme and adjust the timings (this would usually only be within an hour of our original estimation).  Then we will email out the Final Programme, so please ensure your contact details are kept up-to-date. 

What shall I wear?

Please read the College congregation Dress Code. It is the Praelector’s responsibility to ensure their College is presented at Senate House in the correct manner. Please follow the Homerton Dress Code only, don’t be tempted to copy friends from other Colleges, as there are small but important differences.

How do I get from Homerton to Senate House?

It is the responsibility of the graduand to organise their transport to the Senate House. Different options of travel to the Senate House are:

  • by car (allowing time to park, especially on a Saturday)
  • buses that run from outside the College
  • a taxi that can be booked in advance and pick you up from outside Porters’ Lodge
  • by bike
  • by foot

How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremony is roughly one hour in length, but this can vary depending on the size of the ceremony.

I would like to graduate in June, is that possible?

Eligible students for this Congregation are: BA, B.Th., M.Eng., M.Math and M.Sci only.

If I don’t want to go through in person, what are the dates of the ceremonies I can be presented in absentia?

The Cambridge University Website gives the dates of all the congregation ceremonies.  If you would like to go through in absentia email the Praelector’s Secretary and your name will be sent through to Student Registry for your degree to be conferred at this ceremony.  Your degree certificate and official transcript will be posted from the Tutorial Office or Alumni Office approximately two weeks after the ceremony.