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Term Dates & Calendars

The academic year starts with the Michaelmas Term in October. Please see here for 2016 / 2017 Full Term dates.

Keeping Full Term

Full Term is the teaching period during which students must remain in residence. All undergraduates have to ‘keep term’, by residing, i.e. sleeping, in Cambridge for the designated number of nights of Full Term. Students must be in residence for the number of nights within Full Term; this is normally 60 nights. However these nights can usually be kept within the dates of Term which can allow the possibility of being absent from Cambridge for one weekend a term. Students must be here on Travel day (usually the Sunday before Full Term) and may not leave the College without permission from your College Tutor and/or Director of Studies until Travel Day (usually the Saturday after Full Term). Students are expected to be here for classes every weekday and for some courses on Saturdays as well. Cambridge is not a nine-to-five university and some lectures, supervisions, and most social events take place in the early evenings or at weekends.

We are aware that there will be occasions when you will need to be absent from Cambridge during Full Term, if this is the case, please seek permission from your College Tutor and/or Director of Studies stating a valid reason, and forward on any correspondence to the Tutorial Office.  

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