Graduate Research Day 2017

Graduate students and Melanie Keene

The second annual Homerton-Harris Manchester Graduate Research Day took place on Saturday 3rd June in Oxford.

Melanie Keene, Graduate Tutor, accompanied the students.

"Appropriately enough for an event celebrating the ‘twinning’ of the two Colleges, we met in the Charles Wellbeloved room, named after a former Homerton student and Manchester College Principal. It was an extremely convivial and intellectually-stimulating day, with eleven postgraduate students giving fantastic presentations on their research, followed by lively and wide-ranging questions and discussion. Whether debating the definition of complexity in genetics, analysing the architecture of aristocratic stables, revelling in the intertextuality of The Lego Movie, or wondering how hip hop could be used in psychiatry, all speakers managed to inform and entertain in superb fashion".

Speakers and titles:

Lynne Foote (MSt US History, Harris Manchester), ‘Deep Rivers: W.E.B. Du Bois, H.T. Burleigh, and James Weldon Johnson on the significance of the Negro Spiritual, 1910-1930’

Vera Veldhuizen (PhD Education (Children’s Literature), Homerton), ‘War – what is it good for? Empathy, ethics, and justice in children’s war literature’

Sue Smith (MSt History, Harris Manchester), ‘A struggle for hearts and minds: conscientious objectors in Oxford in the First World War’

Jemima Hubberstey (MSt Lit and Arts, Harris Manchester), ‘The role of horsemanship in the construction of masculinity in the eighteenth century’

Aaron D’Souza (PhD Biological Science, Homerton), ‘Discovering the function of a new mitochondrial protein, vital for survival’

Daniel Celia Garza (DPhil Materials, Harris Manchester), ‘High performance computing in multiscale modelling of materials for fusion energy production’

Guillermo Parada (PhD Biological Science, Homerton), ‘Fine-tuning control of the genetic information flow’

Joost Haarsma (PhD Psychiatry, Homerton), ‘Knowing how wrong you were: precision-weighted prediction errors in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex during reinforcement learning and how it relates to dopamine and psychosis’

Rachel Siegman (MSc Comp. and Intl. Education, Harris Manchester), ‘Revival and retraction: discourse on the migration of Syrian refugees to Europe’

Natasha Virani (MPhil Planning, Growth, and Regeneration, Homerton), ‘The effectiveness of housing policy in Vancouver’

Madeleine Hunter (PhD Education (Children's Literature), Homerton), ‘Bric[k]olage: encounter and convergence in The Lego Movie’