New Scholarship announced to honour the former Jordanian Education Minister

Ana Trigo Clapés, first holder of the Thougan Al Hindawi Scholarship

Homerton College has named a new scholarship after the late Thougan Al Hindawi (1927-2005), who served as Minister of Education in Jordan for over thirty years. The scholarship is awarded each year to an applicant to Homerton College for a course leading to a Master’s degree in the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education.  Selection for the £1,000 scholarship is on the grounds of academic excellence.

The first student to be awarded the Thougan Al Hindawi Scholarship is Ms Ana Trigo Clapés, studying for a Master’s degree in Psychology and Education.  

Ana said: 

I am deeply honoured and grateful to have received the Thougan Al Hindawi Scholarship, as well as proud of being recognised on an international scale as a promising graduate student researching in the field of education. The award represents an essential support in my pursuit to obtain a Master’s degree in one of the most prestigious universities in the world. I believe that education is a crucial factor in the development of the society we live in, because it is through education that we mould the beliefs and values of the people who will change the world. Receiving this scholarship reinforces my commitment to developing specialised educational programmes for students with different abilities, and to fulfil my dream of improving these students’ lives.

His Excellency Thougan Al Hindawi (1927-2005) led the reform of the educational sector in Jordan for more than thirty years. After receiving his Master’s degree in education from the United States and starting his work as a teacher in Jordan in the early fifties, he progressed to become the Minister of Education of Jordan in the mid-sixties,  and would go on to lead the Ministry for the next thirty years. During that period, he also assumed the positions of Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan and Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court.

His leadership and work during that period transformed Jordan’s education sector.  From a very limited number of schools and only one university in the 1960s, by the end of his period of office Jordan would boast thousands of schools and tens of universities dispersed all over Jordan, with hundreds of thousands of students graduating every year. 

As Minister, Al Hindawi also led an initiative to second thousands of high-calibre Jordanian teachers to work in the Gulf States and other Middle Eastern countries, significantly contributing to the development of their educational sectors, and the economic development of the Middle East.

Professor Geoffrey Ward, Principal of Homerton College, University of Cambridge, said:

It is very appropriate that this scholarship should carry the name of His Excellency Thougan Al Hindawi, whose achievements in the field of education in his homeland and in the region are exemplary.  His career and his accomplishments are an example to all educators.