Cambridge Cougars win their first Varsity match!

Photo: Cheerleaders

Cheerleading is taking off at Cambridge University and with 6 Homerton girls making up the 27 members of the Cambridge University squad we have something to shout about!  Homerton has provided each of its cheerleading students with funding towards the cost of their uniforms which they are now wearing with pride.  Cambridge Cougars have won several competitions in the past and frequently rank highly.  Their most recent competition saw them placed 2nd out of 24 teams at All Girl Level 2, a great achievement for a relatively new team.

The first ever varsity match between Cambridge Cougars and Oxford's The Sirens took place on 24th February with The Cougars taking the trophy.  The varsity match will mean that hopefully in the future the sport will be recognised by the universities and the participants will be able to become a 'Blue'.

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