Darcus Howe - A History of the British Black Power Movement

Photo: Robin Bunce

Robin Bunce and Paul Field's new biography of Darcus Howe is a history of the British Black Power movement's struggle for racial justice, told through the life of one of its leading figures. The book details the birth of Black Power in Britain, the rise and fall of the British Black Panthers as well as some of the major campaigns for the rights of black and Asian citizens. The book includes the most comprehensive accounts yet published of the Trial of the Mangrove Nine and the Black People's Day of Action. It also locates Howe within his intellectual context, examining to impact of black intellectuals such as Walter Rodney and CLR James on his life and work. In so doing, it sheds new light on contemporary British history as well as offering an intellectual history of one of Britain's most important recent political movements.

Robin Bunce is Director of Studies for Politics at Homerton College and Bye-Fellow in Politics at St Edmund's College. He supervises on the history of political thought.

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