Postdocs of Cambridge hold their formal dinner at Homerton College

For the first time Homerton College hosted the Postdocs of Cambridge (PdOC) Society formal dinner which was held in December and was attended by 170 guests; 158 PdOCs and 12 Fellows of Homerton. A warm welcome was received and a wonderfully festive evening was had by all.  A particular highlight was the introduction to the Homerton Horn drinking ritual by Homerton's Principal, Dr Kate Pretty, which many of the guests took an opportunity to try.  As well as to have a Christmas celebration, the main aim of the evening was to introduce the postdocs to Homerton and announce new plans of a postdoctoral membership to the College.  The PdOC Society is continually trying to encourage the Colleges of Cambridge to welcome more postdoctoral associates into their community, whether as Research Fellows or Affiliate Members.  We were therefore very excited to hear of the plans for postdocs at Homerton.  The PdOC Society will do all it can to help advertise the positions and encourage postdocs to apply.

While this was their first evening to Homerton College, the PdOC Society has hosted a number of events in other Colleges.  As well as promoting postdoctoral College affiliation, the PdOC also try to encourage Colleges to open their doors and allow its members to experience formal dinners, garden parties and balls, which are often inaccessible to research staff.  Thus, the PdOC Society have thanked Homerton for such a delightful evening and for sharing the history and traditions of the College.