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MA Congregation 2017

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We do hope that you will be able to join us on this special occasion, please read carefully the information provided below.

The following information is for eligible graduands who wish to proceed in person at the ceremony on Saturday1st April 2017.  If you have any queries not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact the Tutorial Office

In order to proceed for your MA, graduands must meet the appropriate requirements, If you hold a Cambridge BA, you may proceed to the MA not less than six years from the end of your first term of residence, providing that you have held your BA degree for at least two years.  

Although most people receive their MAs in person, there is no compulsion to do so; you can receive your MA in absence. Alternatively, you may be presented in person at one of the other Congregations at which the College presents (dates for these are on the Graduation page of this website).  Please indicate your intention on the Attendance Form. This must be received at the Tutorial Office by Friday 24th February 2017 at the latest. 

We are able to offer car parking facilities for the day.  Details of how to enter the car park will be given in the letter with your tickets.   There will not be an official photographer in the College however your photograph will be taken by the University's Photography and Illustration Service.

Graduation Day

The presentation will take place on Saturday afternoon and admission to the Senate House for any guests you may wish to bring is by ticket only (maximum of 3). The ceremony will be preceded by a dress rehearsal at the College and a Lunch for you only. The Lunch will be free of charge. Please note that the Lunch is by ticket entry only so please remember to bring your ticket with you. Graduands who do not wish to attend the Lunch must attend the registration, robing and rehearsal, as it is a good opportunity to meet with the Praelector who will be presenting you at the Senate House and to run through the proceedings.

In order to make arrangements, please return the Ticket Form  to the Tutorial Office, by Friday 24th February 2017 at the latest.

Graduation Programme

For your reference, please see the Draft Programme. You will be contacted by email one week before the Congregation with the Final Programme and timings for the day.

Dress Code

The ceremony is a formal ritual, conducted in Latin and with strict rules about dress and appearance. If you elect to be presented at the ceremony then it is important that you adhere to the rules and dress code.

The University's academical costume consists of a gown and a hood.  It is the responsibility of the graduand to order and collect their own gown and hood from the academical outfitters prior to the robing and dress rehearsal at the College (details about collection will be provided by your outfitter). Please note, gowns are NOT delivered to the College. We strongly advise that you make arrangements as early as possible to hire robes or to shop for appropriate clothing.

The dress code is strictly enforced at the ceremony. To ensure that the correct academic dress is worn, please refer to the dress code as well as the University official guidance on appropriate attire under the gown.

There is no dress code for guests (apart from Cambridge graduates who should wear the appropriate gown) although formal dress is preferred.


The formula for admission to degrees is Trinitarian, i.e. 'in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,' but those of other faiths may have a special non-Trinitarian formula. You can also go through ‘in nomine dei’. If you wish any of these changes to be made, please note this on the 'Attendance Form' above.

During the ceremony, graduands are required to kneel. Those who are unable to do so (e.g. for religious or mobility reasons) are permitted to stand.  Please indicate this on the ‘Attendance to Congregation Form’.

Smoking, photography and mobile phones are not permitted in the Senate House.


At the moment that your degree is conferred, your photograph is taken by the University's Photography and Illustration Service. You can order this in advance or by completing a form in your programme on the day.

Degree Certificates

Original certificates are presented to you immediately after your degree is conferred. There is a charge for replacement or supplementary copies or for an alternative version printed in colour and these are ordered through Student Records.

Graduands presented in absentia will receive their certificate in the post,via the College, 2-3 weeks following the ceremony.

The name on your certificate is the same as the one held by the University's Student Records office (and as that held on your CamSIS record); if your name has changed, please note this on your form so that your details can be updated. Please also ensure that your full name is written clearly on your 'Attendance at Congregation Form.'

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