Homerton Changemakers

Changemakers is Homerton’s unique programme to foster students’ Resilience, Leadership, Enterprise and Responsibility, and to equip them to make a positive contribution to global society.

The world is changing fast. Technological and social contexts increasingly demand people who are proactive and knowledgeable, who listen as well as act, who are open as well as confident, who can think both deeply and broadly. Cambridge can offer an outstanding academic education. Changemakers goes beyond that, to build the foundations essential for success: ambition without hubris. Pragmatism and real skill. Network, support, experience. 

​More than a transferable skills programme or path to employability, Changemakers helps all Homerton students truly find their stride. Whether your ambition is to launch a start-up, be a social innovator, become a playwright, or join one of the 'big 4' consulting firms - Changemakers is now for tomorrow. 

Changemakers is open to all Homerton students and will be offered in 2-year tranches.  The ‘flagship’ learning format is the residential which takes place in late September, just before the start of the academic year.  It’s supplemented by workshops and lectures; a conference gathering together faculty, supporters, and students; a mentoring and peer-coaching scheme; the ThinkLab problem-solving series; and opportunities for internships. 

Homerton Changemakers has a dedicated website​, where you can find out more and signal your interest.