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Postgraduate Accommodation

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Homerton has recently created purpose-built graduate accommodation in quiet surroundings at the back of the College plot. This means that you can enjoy the Gothic surroundings of the older buildings such as the Great Hall while living in modern and well-equipped rooms. We offer rooms to all full-time graduate students whenever possible. Although we are unable to guarantee accommodation to any incoming student, we aim to allocate rooms to all those who meet all of their entry conditions by 31 July of their year of arrival.

Most resident graduate students will live in Morley House and Harrison House, which offer self-catered, en-suite rooms. Accommodation is arranged in groups of five rooms, sharing a fully-fitted kitchen; there is also a common room (‘MCR’) in Morley House. We are able to offer a few cheaper rooms to graduates in the other accommodation blocks; however rooms may be smaller, and only offer small ‘gyp-room’ kitchens, for snack preparation.

Morley House

  • Rooms arranged in corridors, including a few larger double rooms
  • Shared fully-fitted kitchens
  • En-suite
  • Common Room (accessible to all graduate students)



Harrison House

  • Rooms arranged in flats of 5 rooms
  • Shared fully-fitted kitchens
  • En-suite

Harrison House outside image.jpg

Other College Rooms

  • Single rooms arranged along corridors
  • Shared snack preparation kitchens
  • Most en-suite

First year

After you have been offered a place at Homerton, we will ask you to fill out the Accommodation Request form which will be emailed to you in April. After 31 July, we begin to allocate rooms to incoming students who have met all of their conditions of offer.

We will write to you in August, confirming your allocated accommodation block. We are unable to guarantee accommodation in certain blocks, but we will try our best to accommodate the preferences you stipulate on your form, and any special requirements.

Please note that the number of applicants requesting accommodation can fluctuate. It is therefore helpful to return all forms in good time, and to keep the College up to date with any developments in regard to your application and/or situation. If your place at Cambridge is confirmed in late August, we will do our best to find you a room, but we cannot guarantee accommodation will be available by that stage.


Rent charges for the 2017-18 academic year.

Summer residence

Some graduates are required to stay up in Cambridge for the purpose of study over the summer. With this in mind, the College permits graduates to remain resident in College, paying the nightly rate for the room. Where possible, it is arranged that graduates staying over the summer may remain in the same room, but it may be necessary to move you to a different floor or block.  

Couples and families

Homerton mainly offers accommodation for single occupancy, though we have a few larger rooms for couples (both of whom must be students). Unfortunately we cannot at present offer accommodation for families: students who need family accommodation should get in touch with the University Accommodation Service to make arrangements to rent private accommodation. The College have also produced a list of other private letting agencies, which can be found here.


Accommodation FAQ

How do I apply for accommodation?

In April, we write to all incoming graduate students with information regarding registration at the University. In this mailing, we will include a more detailed accommodation guide, along with instructions about how to complete the accommodation survey. All incoming students should complete this, specifying whether or not they wish to apply for accommodation.

We aim to allocate accommodation to all students who meet all conditions of their University offer by 31 July. In August, we begin the process of allocation, taking into account your accommodation block preference. We then write to all students we have been able to allocate to in late August, telling them which block we have allocated. Please note that we do not allocate accommodation to any students who have not yet met all their conditions of offer.

Is there a deadline to apply for accommodation?

We aim to allocate to all applicants who meet all the conditions of their offer by 31 July. If you meet conditions after this date, we cannot guarantee there will be accommodation available but we try to help where we can. Full details of applying for late accomodation will be included in your offer email. As the amount of students who apply for accommodation can fluctuate year on year, it is a good idea to keep in touch with us about the status of your application, so that the accommodation allocation can be made in good time. You could also register with the University Accommodation Service, for information on renting privately. More information about private rental can be found here.

How is accommodation allocated?

In August, we begin to allocate the accommodation on a first-come, first-served basis. If you meet conditions after 31 July, we try to accommodate you if we have the space. With this in mind, it is a good idea to make every effort to meet all your conditions in good time.

How long is the residency agreement?

The Higher Degree residency agreement for graduate students runs continuously for 39 weeks, from 30 September until 30 June. You will not have to move out during the Christmas and Easter vacation periods.

I only need accommodation for part of the academic year, can I apply for this?

No. The residency agreement runs continuously between the dates stated above. Regretfully, we are unable to offer accommodation to students who request residency for only part of that period.

I am a part-time student, can I apply for College accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not allocate accommodation to part-time students.

What happens if I need to stay in College after the residency agreement expires in June?

You are welcome to remain in College after the residency agreement expires in June for study and research purposes. As the period covered by your residency agreement will have ended, you are required to make payment for the extra nights spent in College, paying at the nightly rate. This is all organised in the spring. Please note that, although we make every effort to ensure that you can stay in the same room as you occupied during the academic year, it may be necessary to move students in East House to a different floor or block over the summer.

Can I choose which accommodation block I live in?

The accommodation survey (sent in April) will require you to select a first and second choice of accommodation block. We use this information when allocating the accommodation but due to availability we are unable to guarantee accommodation in a certain block. However, we certainly do bear in mind your preferences.

Do I have to live in College?

No. Graduate members of Homerton can rent privately in the city but if you are a full-time student you must live within the University Precincts (that is, the 10 mile radius of Great St Mary's Church), unless you have permission to reside outside of this area.

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