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Image: Homerton College: University of Cambridge

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Photo: Homerton College in the snowPhoto: Great Hall - Formal mealPhoto: Homerton by night"text: ...the grounds are beautiful and quiet and the older buildings very picturesque" - Contanze, PhD Clinical Biochemistry.Photo: West HousePhoto: Students at the Charter picnic.Photo: East House accommodationText: " have an orchrd on site is ot something every college can say" - Adam, MPhil, Education.Photo: Homerton groundsPhoto: Charter event on the lawn outside the Great Hall.Photo: Students in the Great Hall during lunch.Text: "I can cycle to classes in under fifteen minutes" - Michael, MPhil, Plannin, Growth and Regulation.Text: "The quality of accommodation, coupled with the spacious grounds, made it a firm first choice" - Bernard, PhD, Oncology.Photo: Resident Homerton Ducks in the pondPhoto: Students at the Charter EventPhoto: Students relaxing on the lawn during graduationPhoto: Homerton libraryText: "The grounds are beautiful, the facilities are fantastic" - Karen, PhD, Education

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