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PGCE Frequently Asked Questions

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Applying for a PGCE Course

How do I apply for the Homerton PGCE?

The Faculty of Education is the admitting body and is responsible for training PGCE students at Cambridge University. All queries regarding the courses, application process and entry requirements should be directed to the Faculty of Education.

Do you have open days?

We do not hold open days for postgraduate courses and strongly urge that you do not attend the Undergraduate open days as they are not applicable to graduate studies. The PGCE/MEd Administrator, Mrs Louise Roberts, is very happy to show prospective PGCE students around the College by appointment. Louise can be contacted by telephone: 01223 747 144, or by email.

What is College membership?

It is a University regulation that everyone enrolled on a PGCE course at Cambridge University is a member of a college. Arrangements for college membership are made by the Faculty of Education PGCE Admissions Office.

I have received an offer from the Faculty, when am I notified about college membership?

After you are made an offer by the Faculty of Education, the College Application Form is sent to your first choice college for a decision. If Homerton accepts you, we will inform you via letter so please ensure your contact details are correct. The Faculty of Education will also inform you when college membership has been accepted. 

My College membership has been accepted, when do I expect to hear more?

Applicants who are due to commence their studies in September will be contacted via email with the relevant webpage links to information and forms to return in late March/early April and August.  Aside from your College acceptance letter, we generally will not send any information to you via the postal system.  Please ensure that the College PGCE/MEd Administrator has a correct email address for you, and also that you have changed your spam filter settings to allow emails with an '' address to reach your inbox.


Is College Accommodation available?

The student accommodation at Homerton is located on a single campus within and around the College’s fine gardens and grounds. There are a limited number of College rooms available for PGCE students, and the College is not able to provide married or family accommodation.

How do I apply for accommodation?

In late March / early April we email all incoming PGCE students with information which includes a detailed accommodation guide and instructions about how to complete the online accommodation application form. Please note, completing the application form does not guarantee applicants a room, but will enable you to place your name on the waiting list. Rooms will be offered on a first come, first served basis, but priority will be given to applicants who reside overseas, students with disabilities or medical conditions that require them to be on site, or those with strong pastoral reasons for living in.

When will I be informed if I have college accommodation?

The Accommodation Coordinator allocates all rooms in July, and if the College is in a position to offer residential accommodation you will be contacted by email. If you are unsuccessful in your application for a room in Homerton College you will need to seek private accommodation. You may nonetheless put your name on a waiting list for vacancies that may arise.

Can I apply for accommodation for part of the academic year?

No. The residency agreement runs continuously from mid September to the end of June. Regretfully, we are unable to offer accommodation to students who request residency for only part of that period.

Do I have to live in Cambridge?

The University normally expects PGCE students to live within 10 miles of Cambridge city centre, but increasingly a small number of PGCE students will be based further from Cambridge for domestic and financial reasons. The College strongly advises you to live no more than an hour's commute from Cambridge.

How do I find out about private accommodation?

The PGCE Information Booklet contains listings of letting agents, noticeboards and other useful sources to assist you in finding suitable accommodation for your time in Cambridge.


Can I bring a car with me to Cambridge?

The University has an agreement with the city council to limit the number of cars its students bring into the city centre.  This means that PGCE students must obtain permission from the University to bring their car with them, this is in the form of a Motor Proctor's Licence.  Application forms will be provided to Homerton members in August to request a Motor Proctor's Licence, and these will need to be approved by the College Dean in the first instance.

Who needs to request a Motor Proctor's Licence?

Any PGCE student that has a car and lives/will be living within 10 miles of Cambridge city centre will need to apply for a Motor Proctor Licence.  This includes:

  • permanent Cambridge residents,
  • mature students,
  • those living in private accommodation,
  • those living in College/university accommodation.

Can I park on the College site, and how much does it cost?

Although the College does have free parking for PGCE students, there are set criteria that would need to be met before a College Parking Permit is issued.  These include:

  • a disability or medical condition that requires access to a vehicle,
  • family responsibilities.
    If you have been offered College accommodation and are planning to bring your car with you to Cambridge, you will need to request permission from the College Dean for both a Motor Proctor's Licence and a College Parking Permit. 

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