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Among our fellowship, there are experts in all the subjects offered at Homerton College. All the fellows you may meet during supervisions or lectures at Homerton College are also active researchers in their area of specialisation. As part of their academic work they produce books, articles, plays, compositions, monographs, and so on. Many of these publications form important contributions to their subject areas.

In this section you can find a list of the current fellows at Homerton College, a short overview of their academic work and a description of some of the recent highlights of the academic life at Homerton College.

Hayk Kupelyants

University Lecturer and Fellow, Director of Studies

David Belin

DOS in Psychology & Behavioural Studies / Fellow

Maja Spanu

Junior Research Fellow in Politics

Stuart Wallace

College Lecturer and Fellow at Homerton College

Clare Oliver-Williams

Junior Research Fellow in Public Health


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