Overseas students

If you are applying from outside the EU, you wil need to submit a Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) in addition to your UCAS application.  The COPA is available here.

Please remember that the deadline for the UCAS application is 15th October.  If you would like to be considered for interview as part of one of the University's overseas interview schemes, your COPA must be received by the earlier deadlines.  More information about these schemes and the appropriate deadlines can be found on the University website.

There are two tuition fees that are payable by overseas undergraduates:

a) University Composition Fee

The level of this fee varies depending on the subject you select to study. The current levels of the University Composition Fee are set out on the University’s website, at:


b) College Fee

The College Fee is set by each individual College, and is not linked to the subject being studied. Fees payable by Homerton overseas undergraduates are as follows:

For the
academic year

Year of matriculation

2015 or earlier




Not applicable








Not yet set



Not yet set


Both the University Composition Fee and College Fee are collected by Homerton College, and both are payable in full at the start of each Academic Year.