Health, Welfare and Pastoral Support

Homerton prides itself on welfare support for students and staff. There are a variety of resources available to help in times of difficulty, whether with emotional, physical or mental health concerns. We also recognise the additional pressure our members may be experiencing due to Covid-19. Extra tools and resources have been provided to help.

Support available through College

Pastoral care from a College Tutor

On joining Homerton every student is assigned a College Tutor who helps them to navigate College and University life. Tutors can be approached for advice on academic, financial, health, family or other personal issues that may be affecting a student’s ability to pursue studies effectively. They are not however experts in every area and also provide a welfare referral service, which can direct students to additional support.

Tutorial office

Student Health Advisor

Homerton has a part-time student health advisor who is a highly qualified nurse. Located in the health centre on the ground floor of West House, you can make contact via email or phone Ext (7) 47248. Opening times are advertised on the Health Centre door and on the webpage.

Homerton Student Health Advisor

College Counsellor

Homerton provides a confidential counselling service for all undergraduate and postgraduate students. This allows our students the opportunity to talk about any troubling issues in a private and relaxed setting.

College Counsellor

Student Welfare Officers

Student Welfare Officers are available from 9 am to 7 pm and can be contacted on 07876 317717.

MCR Welfare Officers

The MCR Committee provides support for graduate and PGCE students. They have two Welfare Officers, one male and one female.


Two College Discrimination and Harassment Contacts (CDHC)

Our CDHC offer support to students who may have experienced discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct. Further help and information for students who may have been affected by these issues can be found here.


Support available from the University

The University Counselling Service

UCS has helped many thousands of students over recent years and the service has experience of dealing with a wide range of problems. Students can approach the University Counselling Service with confidentiality guaranteed.

Mental Health Advisors

Mental Health Advisors at the UCS offer a range of interventions to students experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties. Referrals take place via your Tutor or the college Student Health Advisor. The College also has its own MHA.

University Disability Resource Centre (DRC)

If you are a student with a disability, including specific Learning disabilities such as dyslexia, you may wish to contact the University Disability Resource Centre on (01223) 332301 or by email. You need to be registered with the DRC for most special exam arrangements – please consult the Tutorial Office if in doubt.

Cambridge Nightline

Cambridge Nightline is a student-run active listening service. You can call anytime between 7 pm and 7 am every night in full term by phone or skype (01223) 774444.

Student Advice Centre

The student advice centre offers free confidential and independent advice support and representation to all Cambridge University students (01223) 746999.

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