Homerton Gardens

Providing peace and tranquillity for the College community.

The grounds at Homerton have a little bit of everything.

There are approximately 25 acres spread from the main entrance on Hills Road to the railway line on the west. The gardens consist of courtyards – providing both sunny and shady spots – large herbaceous beds, banks of roses, grassed areas filled with wildflowers and four species of orchids – Common Spotted, Bee, Pyramidal and Twayblade. We also have a sports field, an orchard and over 550 trees, with around 100 different species and even more cultivars and varieties.

We are lucky to be based outside the city centre - it means our grounds are more extensive than most other Cambridge Colleges. We encourage all staff, students and Fellows to use the gardens to connect with nature and enhance their health and wellbeing. During the summer months especially, the gardens provide a welcome retreat from academic studies and are also used for College events, student and staff gatherings, outdoor cinemas and barbeques.



Homerton grounds


The gardens at Homerton are an amazing asset to the College. I feel so lucky to be able to work in such incredibly beautiful surroundings
Helen Andre Cripps, Head Gardener
Head Gardener meeting HRH Prince Charles


Spring flowers at Homerton
Avenue of trees at Homerton