Archive: Copying charges and regulations

Material from the Homerton College Archives may be copied, providing:

  • Copying the material will not damage it: in cases where the material is too fragile or too large
  • There are no restrictions on the copying of the material placed by the depositor
  • Copyright law and data protection regulations permits it

Copying charges:

Black and white photocopies                                      £0.50 per print

Digital copies can be provided on CD or via email, charges are on a sliding scale, all enquiries from college archivist

Staff time

Enquiries that take no longer than 30 minutes to answer are free of charge, enquiries above this time limit will be subject to a research fee:

Hourly charge                                                                    £30.00

College can arrange for external photographers to undertake orders if the copies can’t be produced in-house. Quotations will be supplied before ordering.

All orders are subject to postage and packing

Use of photography

Visitors may be able to take their own copies with a digital camera for their own research for a daily charge. This service is at the discretion of the archivist.

Daily charge                                                                        £10.00

Paying for copies

  • Cheques should be made payable to Homerton College
  • Payment by credit cards will incur a 2% handling charge
  • The copies will be sent once we receive the payment

The supply of a copy does not carry with it the right to publish the material in any form.

Material from the college archives cannot be published without the explicit permission of the College.

Copyright in all copies remains the property of the College.