Homerton College Timeline

London Origins

  • 1768  Kings Head Society purchased a house in Homerton High Street, East London, then known as Homerton Academy
  • 1823-4    Academy rebuilt and renamed ‘Homerton College’
  • 1841   Model Training Schools established in Jewin Street, London

Teacher Training

  • 1850  Homerton College reopened under William Unwin as Principal. Now a mixed college of men and women training as teachers
  • 1852  Homerton becomes a voluntary college for the education and training of teachers, supported by the Congregational church, sending out teachers to c.453 Board schools across the country

Move to Cambridge

  • 1895  The College moves to Cambridge and then women only accepted, following pressure from inspectors and the university
  • 1900-1  Morley Memorial and New Street Schools completed as practice schools in Cambridge
  • 1914  Gym, and craft and craft studios added
  • 1941  Incendiary bombs fall on the Bursar’s wing. Rebuilt 1944

Post-war Homerton

  • 1956  Queen’s Wing opened.
  • 1964  Student numbers rise from c.200 to 375
  • 1963  B.Ed. degree (University of London) introduced
  • 1968  Student numbers rise to 540
  • 1970  Drama Workshop built            
  • 1976  Cambridge University Education Tripos B.Ed. degree
  • 1978  Biology Laboratory
  • 1990  New Dance Studio constructed

The Chartered College

  • 1991  Katherine Bridget Pretty appointed Principal. Decision made to keep the College on the Homerton site
  • 1996  Mary Allan Building opened
  • 1998  New halls of residence, West and East House constructed
  • 2001  Convergence with the University Faculty of Education
  • 2001  First non-Education undergraduate and higher degree students accepted
  • 2006  Harrison House completed with 60 graduate study bedrooms and 4 junior research fellow flats
  • 2010  Royal Charter granted
  • 2013  Professor Geoffrey Ward appointed Principal