The Inaugural Kate Pretty Lecture 2017

Photo: Kate Pretty lecture in the Homerton College auditorium.

The first lecture in this new series was entitled 'The Cambridge of Tomorrow', and was delivered by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz FRS. This lecture took place on February 17 and over 200 guests attended, both from the University of Cambridge and the wider community.

The full lecture text and video recording are now available:

Read about 'The Cambridge of Tomorrow'

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'The Cambridge of Tomorrow' addressed the University’s role as a community of experts, at a time of decreased trust – and asked how Cambridge, as a university and as a city, can continue thriving despite the UK’s exit from the European Union. Sir Leszek looked to a future of greater income equality in the Cambridge region, and a University with an enhanced regional as well as global impact.

“If society at large cannot see that the research we carry out helps to save lives and to improve livelihoods, from East Anglia to East Africa, then it is on us to make sure it knows.”