André A. Neves

André A.
Fellow and Director of Studies in Biology
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (Clinical School).
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Having trained as a chemical engineer, i am interested in the translation of basic science into novel biomedical technologies. For this reason, I have been working at the interfaces between biology, chemistry and medicine.  In particular I have a special interest in the development of molecular imaging techniques that may allow clinicians in the future to diagnose cancer better and earlier.

  • Neves AA, Stöckmann H, Wainman YA, Kuo JC, Fawcett S, Leeper FJ, Brindle KM (2013). Imaging cell surface glycosylation in vivo using 'double click' chemistry. Bioconj Chem 24(6):934-41. PMID: 23642228
  • Bird-Lieberman EL, Neves AA, Lao-Sirieix P, O'Donovan M, Novelli M, Lovat LB, Eng WS, Mahal LK, Brindle KM, Fitzgerald RC (2012) Molecular imaging using fluorescent lectins permits rapid endoscopic identification of dysplasia in Barrett’s esophagus. Nat Med. 18(2):315-21. PMID: 22245781
  • Neves AA, Stöckmann H, Harmston RR, Pryor HJ, Alam IS, Ireland-Zecchini H, Lewis DY, Lyons SK, Leeper FJ and Brindle KM. (2011) Imaging sialylated tumor cell glycans in vivo. FASEB J, 25(8): 2528-37. PMID: 21493886