Susanna Rostas

Bye-Fellow in Social Anthropology
Social Anthropology HSPS
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01223 324938
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I am currently Director of Studies in Social Anthropology for Parts II A and B. I have held this position since 2005 and was awarded a Bye-Fellowship in 2015

As a Social Anthropologist, my research work has mainly focussed on Mexico. I carried out fieldwork for my D Phil (1986) in Chiapas (in the indigenous Tzeltal speaking community of Tenejapa) on their indigenous religion. This was followed by a short period of additional fieldwork on the conversion of many to various evangelical sects. I subsequently worked in Mexico City with dancers who aim(ed) to recreate the Aztec past and to become indigenous while often being in fact very mestizo. In 2010, I returned to work in Chiapas and am currently involved in a long term project on ‘Lekil Kuxlejal’ (the Tzeltal term for ‘Buena Vida’(Good life)). 

Research Interests: 

Indigenous ideology; Theatre/Performance;  Performance/Ritual; Religious Conversion; Identity; Ethnicity/Citizenship; Creativity/Restraint; Material culture and Visual Representations; Popular Culture; Anthropology of the Senses, Architecture/symbolism of Space.

Current Research Projects:

‘Lekil  Kuxlejal’ - a multifaceted project that includes an interrogation of the phrase (its history and recent appearance in the Tzeltal lexicon), work with indigenous intellectuals and the indigenous theatre group ‘Loil Maxil’, but linking this to the lived reaity of actual indigenous life (in particular to the new generation, the children of the couple who first befriended me some 35 years ago). 

Teaching And Professional Interests: 

Prospective PhD Applications:

I am currently co-supervising a PhD student in Latin American Studies

Course Involvements:

Supervisions for 1st year students taking the Anthropology paper as part of the HSPS degree

  • D. Phil Social Anthropology, Sussex University 1986
  • M. Phil Social Anthropology, Cambridge University 1979
  • I have previous degrees in Architecture (Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London B.Sc 1967, M.A 1970) and in Urban Planning (Columbia University, New York MS 1972)


  • ASA (Association of Social Anthropologists),


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Architectural Articles:

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