Resources and Further Information from the University of Cambridge

Explore the links below for further resources and information from the University of Cambridge for prospective applicants


University of Cambridge Newsletter for 16 - 18 year olds

  • The Post-16 Team at Cambridge Admissions Office have created a super-curricular newsletter aimed at post-16 students. You can sign up to either the STEM or the Arts/Humanities newsletter (or both) through a simple online sign up form, found here.


HE+ online super-curricular courses and resources

  • The recently updated HE+ website brings students exciting super curricular resources created and written by Cambridge students and academics including challenging activities, engaging videos, reflective questions and much more. Our content is aimed at school-aged students looking to go beyond the school curriculum and discover their passion for a subject today. To explore HE+ and join our academic community, click here!



Collated PDF document of super-curricular resources

  • Cambridge Admissions Office created a brilliant document with links to hundreds of super-curricular resources (ideal for students preparing to write their personal statements!) - including reading lists, videos and films, journals, articles, podcasts and more - all organised by subject. 

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