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Online Events

Our varied programme of online events continues in 2021, with further sessions added as dates are confirmed. We hope you can join us.

The Creation and Reproduction of Racial Inequality in the Workplace
7pm, Thursday 6 May
Whereas equal rights for all have been enshrined in law for a long time now, empirical evidence clearly shows certain groups continue to lag behind others. That such inequalities exist is now established beyond doubt, but how they are   created and reproduced on an everyday basis in our workplaces is less clear. Homerton Fellow and Academic Director of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy, Dr Kamal Munir looks at how racial inequality is reproduced in our organisations and why it continues to escape scrutiny. 
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A Revolution in Physics? A New Force of Nature 
7pm, Thursday 3 June
On 7 April of this year, physicists at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago announced that muons - elementary particles similar to electrons - wobbled more than expected while shooting around a magentised ring. This could provide evidence for a new fundamental force of nature, mark a revolutionary shift in our understanding of physics, shed light on some of the universe's deepest mysteries...or not. Join College Research Assistant and particle physicist Dr William Fawcett and Junior Research Fellow and theoretical cosmologist Dr Amelia Drew, as they explore this result and its potential inter-galactic implications. 
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What is the Sustainability Challenge and How Should we Respond?
7pm, Thursday 10 June 
Homerton Fellow Dr Theo Hacking works at the University Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). In this talk he will unpack what is referred to as the ‘sustainability’ or ‘sustainable development’ agenda by providing an   engaging overview of the state of the planet and its peoples. He will conclude with examples of how governments, businesses and individuals are responding and suggest actions that could accelerate the pace of the transformational   change that is needed.
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Completed events



    Pantomime in the Library
    7pm, ​Friday 27 November
    Fellow Librarian Liz Osman, on Pantomime-themed images and text from the archive of the Homerton Library.





     Diane Abbott: The Authorised Biography 
     7pm, Thursday 3 December
     Homerton Bye-Fellow Dr Robin Bunce on the research and writing of his new biography of Diane Abbott MP.




Poetry Collage Workshop
5pm Saturday 6 March 
 Homerton Poet-in-Residence Dr Mariah Whelan on the creative process in a different and exciting way, creating poetry in real-time through collage. 

The Future of Education
7pm Friday 19 March
Dr Alison Wood, Fellow and Academic Director of Homerton Changemakers on how we value education, particularly when the traditional methods of teaching and learning are compromised. 

Robopocalypse: The Real Dangers of Artificial Intelligence and Robots
7pm, Thursday 8 April
Big scary metallic robots with large guns frequently adorn the pages of newspapers whenever advances in Artificial Intelligence are made. But where do our concerns about AI really come from and are they realistic? Unpacking our fears (and hopes) for AI, Dr Beth Singler, Junior Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence, will use examples from her anthropological fieldwork to demonstrate how we tell ourselves stories about AI and the future, when the real dangers of AI are really much, much closer.

Radiophobia - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Power
7pm, Thursday 22 April 
The pandemic has reminded everybody that science is essential to our survival, and that global policies that command global acceptance can be used to optimise social and economic stability. Nowhere is the need greater for such science   and global policy change than in our fight to survive climate change. Director of Studies in Engineering Dr Miles Stopher discusses humanity’s relationship with energy and proposes that, if we are to survive climate change, it will require not   just a technological transformation, but a transformation in education and lifelong learning.


Annual Review

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Please note that under current Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to welcome alumni into College in the ways we would hope to. The following guidance relates to normal circumstances, to which we all hope to return as soon as possible. 



Alumni are welcome to dine in Hall for lunch at their own expense (no prior notice is necessary). Please be aware that you will need to pay in cash for your meal. You are also very welcome to enjoy food in the Buttery or a drink in the Griffin Bar.

Alumni are also welcome to dine at Formal Halls (on Tuesdays in full term) where space permits. Please contact the Development Office by the preceding Wednesday on or 01223 747066 to book your place. There is a charge of £18.50 for alumni, and £22.50 for non-alumni guests. 

Staying at Homerton

Alumni are welcome to stay overnight in College when space allows, at a special alumni rate. To book please email The bedrooms available are single, en-suite student rooms, usually in South Court or West House.

Rooms are usually available outside term-time. Unfortunately we may not always be able to accomodate alumni during term, as the needs of our current students must take priority. 

Visiting the Grounds

Alumni are always welcome to visit the grounds of Homerton College. Please let the Porters know you are visiting when you arrive. If you would like to have a picnic in the grounds or to take engagement photographs, please contact the Development Office three days in advance on and we will help you organise your visit.

College Library

Alumni are welcome to use the College Library for reading purposes, but may not take books away. If you wish to use the Library, please notify the Librarian in advance (

Benefits Provided by the University of Cambridge

The University Alumni Relations Office can provide you with a CAMCard. The card provides membership to The University Centre and entitles you to discounts from Cambridge University Press, local hotels, restaurants and more.

The CAMCard also entitles you and up to three guests to free entrance to all Colleges when they are open to the general public. Please note that fewer guests are permitted at King's and St John's (two guests with the CAMCard holder) and Queens' (one guest only).

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On Thursday December 3rd at 7.00pm  Homerton Bye Fellow, Robin Bunce will be talking about the research and writing of his official biography of Diane Abbott, with Q & A.  To register for this event, please click here

Thursday 8th April 7.00 pm