Homerton Careers Connections

This is an exciting new venture for Homerton. It aims to give students a helping hand in embarking on their chosen career by putting them in touch with Homerton alumni who have experience in relevant fields.

The world economy has not fully recovered from the 2008 crash, and graduate opportunities are not what they were; academic success is no longer a guarantee of fulfilling employment.

Homerton Careers Connections is an opportunity for alumni to help today’s students with their real-world knowledge, experience and insight.

You will be invaluable to the scheme regardless of the stage of your career, or the profession you follow. Our current students are interested in a wide range of career interests and aspirations, ranging from the performing arts to engineering, finance to farming, teaching to law.  Not only is it rewarding to be directly supporting fellow Homertonians’ steps on the career ladder, but you may welcome the opportunity to step back and reflect on your profession and career.

The Development Office will put students in touch with alumni in careers relevant to them.  Once you hear from a student, it’s entirely up to you how much time you spend and what form of contact you have with the student.  Sometimes a student might simply have a question, or might want someone from their prospective field to give an opinion on their CV, or may simply want to find out more about a potential career.

At present, we’re compiling a list of alumni who are willing to act as Homerton Careers Connections. Once enough alumni have signed up, the programme will be launched within the College to students – the Development Office will let you know when this is about to happen, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from a student straight away.

Click Here to become a Homerton Careers Connection.