Allowing students to reach their potential

All Cambridge Colleges deliver a distinctive education, distinguished not only by small group teaching in supervisions, but by the opportunities for students to take part in the enormous range of activities which Cambridge offers, including international exchange programmes, travel abroad, volunteering, sport, drama and music. Our aim is to allow students to build on their school-leaving achievements and to emerge from Homerton as highly-educated young adults willing to play their part in society and to take responsibility for themselves and others, using their Cambridge experiences to the full. Many of them need financial assistance to take up such opportunities and higher fees will increase that need – the College can help but we need to do more.

Lots of people giving small amounts annually or monthly, ideally through Gift Aid, can provide a substantial Annual Fund which we can use for all students.  For example £10 a month with Gift Aid provides £150 in a year.  That would allow an undergraduate to stay in Cambridge for a week as a volunteer helping local deprived children on a holiday scheme or allow a postgraduate to travel to a conference to give a paper.  Four such donations could send a student to Africa to work with Camfed on the education of girls in rural areas or would fund a student to work with ‘Engineers without Borders’, rebuilding villages and roads in India or the Caribbean.  These small amounts added together make a significant difference to what we can do.  

We urge you to consider Annual Giving: an area where everyone can help.