Attracting the best academics

There are new opportunities for Homerton in Cambridge.  We aim to build on our reputation for teaching Education as a social science, (as well as a professional skill), by intensifying the teaching of the social sciences at Homerton in such areas as law, economics, politics, psychology, sociology and social anthropology and increasing the number of teaching fellows and associates in these areas as well as others.  Supervision teaching and directing studies in all subjects is largely funded through the College fee and at the heart of the fellowship are a number of core teaching fellows whose salaries are paid directly by the College.  These are permanent posts giving a salary of just above £30K a year which with the normal on-costs of pensions and national insurance cost about £50K a year.  To endow such a post  in perpetuity costs about £1million.  

Moreover, in today’s difficult job market we would like to be able to help young academics by offering short term posts to get them moving up the academic ladder and offering appropriate teaching experience and research support to help them get jobs.  £100,000 would help to cover the costs of three such posts benefiting both the College and the young academics alike.