Leaving a gift in your Will

The College welcomes gifts by legacy of any sum and to support any aspect of its life and work.

Since the foundation of the College in London in 1768, people who care about Homerton's work have helped fund studentships and teaching by leaving a donation in their Will.  Recent legacies by Alison Shrubsole, Hilary Shuard, Joan Simms, Jacqueline Welford and others have enabled the College to achieve ever greater success in our core activities of teaching, education and research. Legacies provide Homerton with the means to meet our real needs, and to grasp opportunities as they emerge - and enable a donor to support their College while ensuring that they have the funds to meet their needs during their lifetime. 

Legacies need not be large to make a difference - many such gifts are of 1% of the total value of the donor's Will  - and you can write a gift into your Will at any time.   

Our priorities are:

Student support

Your gift will provide:

  • academic support for current students, both undergraduate and graduate.  Examples include book grants, travel grants, research support, Year Abroad support, and the ‘academic skills’ programme

  • hardship grants to help meet living expenses – i.e. to prevent any student dropping out of their course

The student experience

Studenthood is a critical time for personal development: students use this time to explore and discover who they will become.

Your donation will support:

  • Extra-curricular activity, including sports, music, and drama

  • Personal development and employability, for example vacation courses and the ‘life skills’ programme

Graduate bursaries and scholarships

Most students graduate from their first degree with debt, and need robust funding for graduate study in order to stay in Higher Education.  Homerton students look to Homerton for help in funding graduate study.

Investing in teaching

Increasing the quality and quantity of teaching we provide to our students.

On average, it costs the University and Colleges of Cambridge around £18,000 per year to teach a UK/EU undergraduate student. Whatever the funding situation, we will continue to deliver needs-blind admission on academic merit alone, and so we welcome philanthropic funding to help us bridge the gap between the costs of education and the income we receive from student fees and government.

Developing the estate

Enhancing the College environment and facilities: maintenance of the gardens and buildings, and new construction.

We would like to be able to thank you for your generosity, and so we would be delighted to hear from you if you have made provision for the Homerton community in your Will - but we do understand that making a Will is a personal matter and we will never pressure you to tell us, if you prefer not to.

If you feel strongly about how your legacy should be put to use by the College we can discuss this with you and ensure your wishes can be given effect in a way with which you are content.

Matthew Moss, Director of External Relations and Development, or Christopher Hallebro, Deputy Director of Development, will be happy to discuss this further and to answer any queries you may have about leaving a gift in your Will to the College.  Please contact us by email at development@homerton.cam.ac.uk, or by telephone on 01223 747270 or 01223 747280.

Please view our Legacy brochure

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